#2 Star is in the Center where the annual 8 Star resides. Both of these energies are Earth just like the Center is and while the 8 Star brings potential wealth, the 2 Star brings stomach ailments, sickness, digestive disorders and malaise. In order to weaken the the negative energy visiting this month. we also weaken the 8 Star.
CURE: Hang 8 Chinese Coins to give a nod to the money Star. Place a round Metal bowl to hold the negativity of the 2 Star. If this isn’t an option than hang something Metal on the wall here (no knives, guns, or sharp objects and NO family photos)

#6 Star sits in the South with the Annual 3 Star. The 3 Star is very bitchy and itching for fight this year. The Southern Fire weakens this Woody Star and that is a good thing. The 6 Star is Metal and really clashes here so we look for a mitigating element. The 6 Star is known for cultivating success and money. CURE: Add Earth as in a splash of Yellow like pillows or a rug or artwork. If there is window or door here you could hang a string of 6 Chinese coins.

#1 Star is in the South East with the Annual 7 Star which is interesting because the 7 is Metal and clashes with the Wood of the SE so it’s nasty energy is greatly weakened. Now the Watery 1 Star flies in bringing success and prosperity. CURE: Healthy live plant to nourish the innate energy of the SE and splash of BLUE as in pillows, towels, rug, art, etc. to drin the 7 and support the 1. Keep in mind the Sui Po is here (142.5-157.5 on the compass) and asks that you keep this room, entrance, area of the yard quiet and undisturbed with loud banging, renovations or deep digging. When it is disturbed immediate health problems arise. Place a Brass Pagoda here for the year to quell the 7 and assuage the Sui Po.

#9 Star joins the Annual 6 Star in the East and this a good thing. The 9 Star brings happiness, joyful gatherings and celebration while the 6 Star welcomes prosperity and success. CURE: Hang 6 Chinese coins from a window or door. Keep windows open to let in vibrant chi, use this room and if it is conducive, throw a party.

#5 Star is in the North East with the Annual 2 Star. It is just this simple, DO NOT use this room or entrance. I would rather crawl through a window than use this as my front door. I would rather spend the month sleeping on the couch to avoid this as my bedroom. No kidding. Close doors and blinds, keep this room dark and undisturbed. No banging, loud noises, renovations, deep digging, etc. CURE: If this is a bedroom, a Wu Lou health gourd and under the bed a Salt Water Cure (email me for recipe). If this is a front entrance hang a 6 rod Metal wind chime and put a pair of Gold Fu Dogs to flank the walkway. NO FIRE or colors of Red, Orange, Violet, Rose, Rust, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Tan, and Earthy materials like pottery, china, crystal.

#7 Star is in the North where the Annual 4 Star sits. The North Water drains the 7 which can cause injury with sharp objects, surgery, back stabbing, lawsuits, and other upsets. The 4 Star ignites passion, creativity, good studies, and travel. CURE: Vibrant lush plants, 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a Blue Vase. Focus on colors of Green and Blue to weaken the 7 and boost the 4.

#3 Star is in the North West with the Annual 9 Star and this is also where the Grand Duke of Jupiter or the Tsai Sui resides. It is a mostly positive area for 2019 as long as it is not aggravated by loud commotion, digging, renovations, etc. The 9 Star is a wonderful happy energy to celebrate life with friends. The 3 Star brings disharmony in relationships and fighting. CURE: Mitigate the clash of Metal and Fire with 9 Yellow silk flowers in an Earthen vase. Add Earth elements to this room to work with the 9 Star and further weakening the 3.

#4 Star joins the West with the Annual 1 Star. This is a great room for this month but the Three Killings is here so keep the noise down, no digging, no loud commotion, no renovations. These Stars bring prosperity, success, creativity, romance, and happy relationships. CURE: BLUE is the color to add in pillows, towels, linens, rugs, art. A single Gold Ingot on a piece of Blue fabric will ignite money luck. Hang a pair of crystal hearts in the window if you are looking for love or display a pair of birds with a picture of you and your honey to support your relationship.

#8 Star is in the South West with the Annual 5 Star. THE WORST energy is cooking up this year with accidents, surgery, illness, grave misfortune. AVOID THIS ENTRANCE AND ROOM AT ALL COST. DO NOT DISTURB WITH BANGING, DIGGING, OR ANY RENOVATIONS. 
CURE: Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. METAL and the color white, black, and gray to weaken this negative swamp. NO FIRE or colors of Red,
Orange, Violet, Rose, Rust, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Tan, and Earthy materials like pottery, china, crystal. The prosperity of the 8 Star is lost to the malevolence of the 5 Star.