Time to reflect back on November as it nears its end next week. Did you see the year 2019 playing out? Lessons magnified? Truths emphasized in stereo surround sound? I know I did. There was a moment when I stopped and wondered hat was going on, followed by that big “OH!” Year of Pig and Month of Pig – Yowza! The landscape of the past few weeks may have seemed intense but it is all ebbing away now. We learn our lessons and grow. We see our blessings and are filled with gratitude.

December rolls in on the 8th with Yang Fire sitting atop the Yin Water of the Rat. It’s like having a pot with a little water in on high heat – quick to boil and evaporate. Hmmmm, feels contentious. Winter in Chinese Astrology tends to be cold and damp, yin and watery. This burst of heat gives us a little more warmth and may signal a warmer winter…? We shall see.

#1 Star in the Center where the annual 8 Star is visiting this month and here we have lots of opportunity for success and wealth. The Watery 1 Star is weakened here so we want to nourish this energy.
CURE: For the 8 star display 8 red silk flowers with a single Gold Ingot. Focus on Metal accents and colors of gray, white and black. No Red, Orange, Yellow, or Green.

#5 Star sits in the South with the Annual 3. 
The presence of the 5 Star is fed by the Fire of the South. Exercise caution withe the Wood 3 Star as arguments, violence, and overall upset are creating a really toxic atmosphere. Best colors to drain this are a Metal round bowl in a prominent location and Blue Elephant for overcoming discord in communication. Use a Wu Lou Health Gourd if a bedroom. No Banging or Loud Noises.

#9 Star is in the South East with the Annual 7 Star cautions anyone with a Kitchen here of fires, burn injuries, and explosions. The Metal 7 is greatly weakened by the Wood of the SE and the 9 Fire is motivated. The terms here are too volatile to reap the benefits of the 9 Star. Caution needs to be exercised. CURE: Place a Brass Pagoda here for the year to quell the 7 and assuage the Sui Po. Accents of Blue with live healthy plants is the best remedy. Use a Wu Lou health gourd if this is a bedroom or a Ba-Gua mirror if its a front/ main entrance. The caution here is injury or surgery around the kidneys, bladder, and reproductive system if the chi here is disturbed. The added caution to fire safety, mental health and heart health.

#8 Star joins the Annual 6 Star in the East and we find one of the best rooms in the house or office again this month. The 8 Earth Star is weakened by the Woody nature of the East as is the Metal 6 Star. The 6 and 8 boast financial gains, success, and good fortune. CURE: Hang 6 Chinese coins from a window or door. Focus on healthy lush plants, greens colors with pops of lavender, purple, and darkest blue.

#4 Star is in the North East with the Annual 2 Star. This is now heart break, as the 2 Star brings not only illness but discord in relationships. The 4 Star is all about romantic relationships. This may also caution about fertility and an increased chance of miscarriage if this is a bedroom. DO NOT DISTURB. CURE: If this is a bedroom with no other alternative places to sleep, a Wu Lou health gourd and under the bed a Salt Water Cure (email me for recipe). If this is a front entrance hang a Ba-Gua Mirror and put a pair of Gold Fu Dogs to flank the walkway. NO FIRE, no barbecues or grills, or colors of Red, Orange, Violet, Rose, Rust, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Tan, and Earthy materials like pottery, china, crystal. Metal is still the best element and neutral color palette of black, gray, and white but add a lush healthy plant. Remove any pictures of you and your partner, and any pictures of other couples.

#6 Star is in the North where the Annual 4 Star is visiting and brings a lot of success, community, relationship and creativity. CURE: Along with the annual cure of 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a Blue Vase now you can add some Metal accents or a Gold Happy Hotei Buddha.

#2 Star is in the North West with the Annual 9 Star and this is also where the Grand Duke of Jupiter or the Tsai Sui resides. The 2 and 3 Stars are Earth and Wood being weakened by the Metal of the NW. There is greater chance of illness, arguments, and disharmony. CURE: To remedy the funky energy here remove any pictures of family. Add a Metal accents like a Wu Loud Health Gourd if this is a bedroom, a Dragon Headed Turtle on the desk facing away from you if this is an office, or a round Metal Bowl in a prominent location. All the attention is now on squelching the 2 Star.

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#3 Star joins the West with the Annual 1 Star. The weakened 3 Star has little ground here so the 1 Star can really benefit. CURE: Focus on adding BLUE with Metal accents like a Gold Ingot or a Gold Happy Hotei.

#7 Star is in the South West with the Annual 5 Star. DO NOT DISTURB WITH BANGING, DIGGING, OR ANY RENOVATIONS. Calamity, accidents, sickness, along the 7 Star gets even more volatile.
CURE: Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. 6 Metal Rod Wind Chime is also helpful. METAL and the color white, black, and gray. NO FIRE or colors of Red, Orange, Violet, Rose, Rust, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Tan, and NO Earthy materials like pottery, china, crystal and Earth tones too.