The Year of the Earth Dog is starting to wane. The year ends on the Full Moon January 21st and this sets us up for 2 weeks to get your life in order; clean house, get a hair cut, pay bills, collect monies due, do repairs, and tie up loose ends. The New Year of the Earth Pig arrives on the New Moon February 5th (some calendars will say the 4th).
For now, we have December that starts on the 7th, Jai Zi or Yang Wood sitting on top of Yin Water is an energy that nurtures itself. The influence that has on your own personal Chinese Astrology I am happy to offer to you – HOLIDAY SPECIAL FOR READINGS! ORDER NOW
#5 Star is in the North West where the annual 1 Star resides. The NW is a Metal influenced direction so there is a weakening influence plus the annual 1 Star is a Water element energy so both help to assuage this toxic energy coming in. DO NOT DISTURB THIS AREA INSIDE OR OUT – no banging or digging or renovations – keep it quiet, dark, and undisturbed.
CURE: Continue to use accents of BLUE and Metal like White, Black, and Gray to weaken the energy. If this is your bedroom put a Wu Lou health gourd by your bedside. If this is your front door and you don’t have another option for an entrance, put up a Ba-Gua Mirror to deflect the chi from entering your home.
#4 Star sits in the Center with the Annual 9 Star. The Center is an Earth element which along with the Fire of the 9 Star will weaken this Woody energy. The 4 Star brings creativity, good studies, romance, and fertility coupled with the 9 Star of future blessings, happy gatherings, and good fortune. This is a wonderful energy radiating around our homes and offices this month.
CURE: Best bet is to reinforce all of this goodness with a healthy robust house plant or 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo.
#3 Star is in the South East with the Annual 8 Star which adds a touch of grumpy, fighting, and disharmony that taints the good fortune of the 8 Star. The 3 Star is a Wood energy and is at home in the Woody SE whereas the 8 Star is an Earth energy is weakened.
CURE: Fire colors of red, rose, and violet with healthy plants will encourage the 8 Star to shine through the poopy pants 3 Star’s temper tantrum
#2 Star joins forces with the Annual 7 Star in the East that’s bringing the potential for violence, fighting, injury by sharp objects, and other calamities along with sickness, bloating, digestive issues. Find somewhere else to hold that meeting or to have a serious conversation. This is not a safe space this month. The Woody nature of the East naturally controls both the 2 and 7.
CURE: Focus on pops of Blue, turquoise, deep purple, and black to weaken this nasty energy. Avoid this as a bedroom or main entrance if at all possible. Keep a Wu Lou by your bedside if your bedroom is in the East. Put up a Ba-Gua mirror if this is your main entrance.
#1 Star is in the South West with the Annual 6 Star. We have a really nice flow of chi happening here bringing good fortune, success, and wealth. Enjoy this room and keep it bright and active with human activity.
CURE: Focus on Metal with Zen colors of black, white and gray, and put a clear quartz crystal in a prominent place
#9 Star is in the North where the nasty Annual 5 Star has been wreaking havoc all year. The visiting energy brings serious danger of fire! This is my kitchen so I will be sure to exercise caution throughout the month. Both the Earthy 5 and the Fiery 9 Stars are weakened by the Watery nature of the North so there is some ease but still use great caution in this area. NO BANGING, DIGGING, OR RENOVATIONS, AND NO FIRE
CURE: Wu Lou by the bedside, Ba-Gua if a front door, and BLUE colors (not water), AVOID FIRE, in a Northern Kitchen cover burners on stove with cookie sheets
#8 Star is in the South with the Annual 4 Star and what a happy place this is for creative projects, romance, abundance, and success.
CURE: Healthy plants to reinforce the positive chi and fiery colors of red, fuchsia, violet, and rose.
#7 Star Star sits in the North East with the cantankerous Annual 3 Star. Be forewarned of arguments that turn violent, injury by sharp objects, surgery, lawsuits, fighting, infidelity and disloyalty. A truly unpleasant mix of energies. The Woody 3 Star is weakened by the Earthy nature of the NE but the 7 Metal is nourished here. This is a tricky one.
CURE: Add a splash of RED to weaken both energies, just a couple pillows or a throw blanket, or a wreath or doormat

#6 Star is in the W with the Annual 2 Star brings a match of good and evil so fortunate the cures will enhance the positive aspects of the 6 Star while weakening the negativity of the 2 Star.                                                                                                                                                             CURE: Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. METAL and BLUE to are the best color and material to enhance this month.

I don’t sell cures online anymore but still have lots in stock. Just email me any inquiries.
The energy around us is in constant flux, ebbing and flowing. Learning to move with the energy in your home ensures you side step the worst and engage with the best for a harmonious, healthy, and prosperous life.