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Coming this Fall, a fresh look at the art of bringing Feng Shui concepts into your home and your life. Many topics will be covered from creating a healthy bedroom for love and rest to finding health by working with the 5 elements, and the importance of the images that surround us like art and photographs. It’s going to be fun and engaging so stay tuned for the release date.

The month of July was a sinking toes into the sand kind of month if you were lucky enough to find a pause in your busy life. There was a lot of that warm and cozy vibe maybe with friends or family or your sweet love. It was a lot of Earth energy that may have had you feel like you were on shifting ground, unstable, or maybe too grounded depending on your own BaZi Astrology.

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August brings a hard edge to life, a strong force of energy to be activate, change direction, swing onto a new vine and see where you land. You may start and stop projects, leaving some to be finished another day. With the Rabbit, this is a time for negotiations that lead to solving problems, or sleuthing out what the issues are. Deep excavating. This Yang Metal Monkey brings a focus to cities, to war, to fighting, to action, to military and transportation. The Rabbit and Monkey tolerate each other but this is not a match that suggests their values will align or their collective missions are seeking the same outcome.

NeutralizeThe 4 Star is in the Center for 2023 is now visited by the 2 Star. This has been a challenging location for the 4 Star being a Yang Wood Star that is up against the strong Earth of the Cente. RED is the color that mitigates the Clash of Wood and Earth. Did you experience more fighting and disagreements in your romantic relationships last month? That was the 4/3 combination. Now the 2 Star of Sickness finds itself at home here and RED feeds it. Be very mindful of your relationship health this month. Nurture and care for each other with mindful awareness, love, and patience. Know when to be quiet, when to listen, when to act and when to be still. Find the rhythm in your dance of love so you don’t get SICK of each other! Best Colors/ Decor: Red, Fuchsia, Violet, Tangerine, Rose, Red carpets, fabrics, and prints with images of lovers, of you and your sweetie, and a love poem. NO RED or Fire in August in the Center. Keep the colors neutral and shift to soft blues like Sky Blue. Avoid: Greens, Wood, blue, Water and Metal like white, gray, black, Earthy yellow, brown, and tan. CURES: If you have the space, erect a Love Altar with 2 pink or red candles, a pair of birds, a favorite picture of you and your love, a pair of pink quartz crystal hearts, and any little treasures from favorite times together. You can do this altar to attract a love too. If you are an artist, you can do a cure to motivate creative pursuits with a Red (BLUE for August) Vase filled with pens, brushes, etc., also 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a RED (BLUE for August) vase. Remove the Love Altar immediately!

NeutralizeThe 9 Star of future wealth, and abundance is in the North for 2023 and now visited by the 7 Star for August. Let’s ensure we mitigate this conflict of Fire and Water with the element Wood and bring in lush plants and the color green and turquoise. This is your Career corner and what a place to have an office. The 7 Star is a Yang MetalStar is also weakened by the Watery North and goes to battle with the Fiery 9 Star. This feels like a lot of conflict and with this any plans you have to launch a project, a dream, a new concept or program is likely to meet with legal woes, set backs, and red tape. WAIT! Continue to work on this project a little longer. Best to avoid working in a team or with others as backstabbing, gossip and slander are more likely to sour the grapes and turn your wine to vinegar. Best Colors/ Decor: Wood furnishings, all shades of Green, turquoise, lush plants, but pair the Green with Purple, Violet, Eggplant, and Lavender. Tie this in to your carpet, pillows, and artwork that is themed with beautiful florals, and landscapes. Avoid: Water and colors of Blue, Metal and colors of black, white, and gray, Earth tones like yellow, orange, rust, brown, cream, peach, and pink. CURES: The annual cure is a Vision Board of all you dream to manifest in 2023. Place 9 Silk Purple Flowers in a GREEN Vase. For a North facing house or bedroom, put a Red Arowana Carp Fish in a prominent place. People born on the Day and/or Year of the Rat are most impacted. Be really careful here of relationships going bad and know that working alone right now is the best strategy and watch your back.

DEPRESSThe 7 Star is in the North East for 2023 is tragically with the 5 Star of doom. The 7 Star threatens to our physical and financial security while the 5 Star can bring ruin from any aspect of your life. DO NOT DISTURB with loud noise or construction inside or outside the home. The risk of a lawsuit, bankruptcy, a fight that turns violent or surgery/ injury with a sharp object are all more likely now. Therefore, this is NOT a place to have a desk, a safe, a check book, or anything financial. Protect your money. Best Colors/ Decor: Metal furnishings, all shades of Blue, and White. Bring this into your d├ęcor with rugs, pillows, and art that is tranquil like open sky with blue birds, clouds, blue flowers. Avoid: Earth tones like yellow, orange, rust, brown, cream, peach, and pink, actual Water, colors of Green, Wood, Red, Fuchsia, Violet, Tangerine, Rose, Red. No personal or family photos. CURES: A black dish with rice and a single Chinese Coin with a blood stone atop the coin to absorb negativity and protect finances. Another protection for wealth is displaying a Blue Elephant or Rhino Statue. Exercise extreme caution here throughout August.

Neutralize The 2 Star is in the East is one of the most problematic rooms/areas for 2023. The 2 Star suggests illness, and grave misfortune especially to those people born in the year or on the day of a Rabbit, Rooster, or Rat. KEEP THIS ROOM DARK AND QUIET AND UNDISTURBED. The Grand Duke sits in the degrees 82.5-97.5 SE. No construction, loud noise deep digging, or loud noises in this room throughout the year. The 9 Star is fed by this Woody part of the Lo Pan. Can there be a silver lining in the East for August? Best Colors: Wood and all shades of green, landscapes, floral designs, leaf patterns, plants and trees. Avoid: All other colors, especially Earth tones like yellow, brown, tan, peach, pale pink, and also Fire like red, violet, hot pink, and orange. No Metal like white, gray, or black, and Water with colors of Blue. CURE: For a front door facing SE that you cannot use another entrance, hang a Ba-Gua mirror to deflect the negative chi and 2 Metal Fu Dogs flanking the entrance. For a bedroom that cannot be changed, hang a Healing Herbs Wu Lou and put a Salt Water Cure under the bed. For appeasing the Grand Duke display a Gold Tai Sui Plaque and a pair of Pi Yao Beasties facing into the afflicted direction. DO NOT FACE THE EAST in the way your head is pointed in bed, in the way you sit and even in the direction you drive from your home. Remove all Family photos. For August allow some quiet contemplation here, in the yard hang in your hammock or lawn chair, and dream…dream…dream. There may be a seed planted this month that takes just never know. Being the location of family and health, set an intention for something in the future related to those aspects of your life.

NeutralizeThe 3 Star is in the South East is a grumpy brat or a wet cat and for August the 1 Star offers some ease and grace. This is hi-lighting relationships and could bring some little wins, success of some kind in maybe resolving a conflict, or easing some tension, or possibly successfully overcoming an issue. This could have something to do with money being in the South East, so perhaps a financial correction in your favor is coming? Best Colors: Stick with the innate color of this direction, Green in all shades along with landscapes, floral or leaf designs, prints, art. Healthy lush plants. Avoid : Water with Blues, Earth tones like Yellow, Brown, Tan, Peach, Orange, Violet, and of course Metal with colors of white, gray, and black. Keep this room quiet and serene. For August continue to avoid RED or Fiery colors and Fire itself as in a fire pit or grill – occassional use is ok.

Activate The 8 Star is in the South and this is the home of the Horse, and paired with the 6 Star in August is a boon for sure. As a Metal energy we need to mitigate with Earth as in the color Yellow. Best Colors: Earth tones like Yellow, Brown, Tan, Peach, and also Fire as in Red, Violet, Hot Pink, and Orange. Great place for an outdoor grill or fire pit. Avoid: Blue, Water, Green, Wood, and Metal with colors of Black, White, and Gray. CURE: Hang a red string of 8 Chinese Coins from the door if this is an entrance. Other options are 8 citrine or red crystal balls in a ceramic square tray/bowl or 8 silk RED Flowers, or a Wealth Cabbage called a Bai Chok or a Red Phoenix statue or image. Expect a flow of abundance in all forms this month of August including some great successes.

ActivateThe 1 Star is in the South West is a wealth Star and is in conflict as a Water Star in this Earth direction with another conflicted Star, the 8 Star coming in now reinforces great welath and success. To mitigate we want to add Metal which offers a pathway between Water and Earth which weakens the 8 Star but also activates it. Balance the use of Metal with a little Earth like a large clear quartz or citrine crystal. Best Colors: Neutral Earth tones innate to the SW like Brown, Tan, Cream Worst Colors: Earth like Yellow, Fire and Fire colors of Red, Hot Pink, Orange and Violet, Blue as in Water, and Wood as well as Green colors. CURE: The annual cure is a round Metal bowl and other Metal objects and furnishings. Place a single Gold Ingot on something Blue for wealth and if this is your office, place a Red Ru Yi Sword to strengthen your career. For JULY remove the METAL ad add some Earth like crystals or a single Yellow item.

ActivateThe 6 Star is in the West bringing the potential for success and wealth has the mark of good fortune with the 4 Star coming in August. This is an afflicted area for 2023 as the West sits opposite to our Annual Rabbit in the East. Do not face East, but it is okay to face West. The 4 Star being Wood in a Metal direction needs Water to mitgate which activates the 6 Star. This feels like a burst of creative mojo in the West which makes it an ideal place for a studio or office. It is also a good place for relationships to flower and find success in romance. Best Colors: Metal and the colors of White, Gray, and Black. Add some BLUE for August. Avoid: Earth like Yellow, Brown, Tan, Peach, Rust, crystals, pottery, Wood, colors of Green, Water, Fire and Fire colors of Red, Hot Pink, Orange and Violet. CURE: A Gold Happy Hotei sitting on an Ingot, or 6 Gold Ingots in a Metal round dish, and to appease the Sui Po and Three Killings, point a Silver Elephant in the direction of 232.5-307.5 W. A special cure of the 3 Celestial Mirror ensures you get the optimal benefit from this area.

DepressThe 5 Star is in the North West is one of the most afflicted directions for 2023 is joined with the 3 Star which feels like a mess for relationships of all kinds. AVOID this area at all cost and especially as a bedroom or main entrance. Move to another bedroom or entrance. Anything and everything that can go wrong will if this is disturbed. KEEP THIS AREA/ROOM QUIET, DARK, AND UNDISTURBED BY LOUD RENOVATIONS OR NOISE. Best Colors: Metal with Blue, White, Gray, and Black. AVOID: Earth and colors of Yellow, Brown, Tan, Peach, Rust, Water and shades of Blue and Green, no Wood, and NO FIRE of any kind not even candles, colors of Red, Hot Pink, Orange, and Violet. If a Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets when not in use. CURE:  If a front door hang a Ba-Gua mirror to deflect the negative chi and flank the entrance with a pair of Metal Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and a Wu Lou Health gourd by the bedside. Be really careful with everything you do here. Metal is the best Cure as in a round Metal bowl or something that chimes like a clock. AVOID this area of yoru home or office.

BEST DIRECTIONS FOR August are the South, South West, and West

Areas of Caution: North West, South East, East, and North East

For Our World: The Monkey rules the WEST, and the USA focus is on the upper Mid-Atlantic and North East of New York State and states north, and the international focus is on South America.

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Flying Stars is an advanced system of Feng Shui that has been used since the times of Ancient China. It recognizes the pattern of energy impressed upon every home and building the year it was built or last renovated. Think of it like a building or home’s birth day. It is why you see some houses falling apart, covered in vines, and deteriorating. When the chi is gone, the house is no longer viable for living in. Therefore it is so important to update your home to the current Period. Each Period is 20 years long and we have been in Period 8, a time of wealth and abundance since 2004. We will shift into Period 9 in 2024. At the least, following the annual and monthly Flying Stars allows you to dance with the ever changing chi so that