Flying Stars Feng Shui  August 7th – Month of the Yang Metal Monkey

If Metal is not a favorable element in your Chinese Astrology, then you may be plagued with lung and skin ailments this month. Being around Water will help drain any excess but ultimately, you’ll want your chart done by Lydia Nitya to ensure accuracy. August brings in a dance of opposites, positive and negative, good and evil playing out in our homes and offices depending on how we use our space and which energies get activated. Be mindful here to side step a tango with the devil!

#8 Star sits in the Center with the Annual Fiery 9 Star creating an incredible opportunity to manifest dreams ahead of schedule, to accelerate plans and set dreams into motion. CURE: a vision board to map out all your dream to create this year and 9 silk purple flowers with 8 Chinese Coins for this month to rattle the coins out of the Cosmic cash register.
#7 Star sits in the South East with the Annual 8 Star. So all this wonderful abundance and prospering could get hit with a lawsuit or an expensive accident or surgery. Take heed. (A string of 8 coins and 8 Yellow or Red silk flowers in a pottery vase are ideal cures but for this month add a Dragon Headed Turtle to offset any negative influences)
#6 Star is in the East with the Annual 7 Star which warns strongly of lawsuits, gambling, back stabbing, gossip, slander, injury with sharp objects, surgery, and violent arguments. Yet, in August a surprise windfall or success could be the result of the friendly 6 Star laying down the greater sword in this duel of the stars. (Splashes of BLUE color will drain the negativity while a string of 6 Chinese Coins welcomes a boon)
#5 Star joins forces with the Annual 6 Star bringing the potential for financial flow and successes in the South West but at a wretched cost. Bring all activity here to a screeching halt. Do not use this entrance, do not sleep here, avoid this room and keep it dark and quiet. If not, use a Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. Caution.
#4 Star is in the North with the Annual 5 Star. This month the beneficial 4 Star that brings romance, fertility, and creativity all falls victim to the nasty 5 Star that causes accidents, illness, and major upset in life. The combined forces here could suggest a problem with a pregnancy, a romance going sour or divorce, and other calamities. (cures can be Fu Dogs flanking the entrance, ba-gua mirror on the entrance door, wu lou health gourd by the bedside and the salt water cure also if this is a bedroom or room you frequent for more than a few hours a day) AVOID THIS ROOM AT ALL COST.
NO FIRE of any kind here inside or outside.
#3 Star rises up in the South and is drained by the Fire in this direction. The Annual 4 Star is a creative, inspired, romantic chi. The 3 Star pulls a wedgie on the good feels as arguments and disharmony put stress on relationships, even infidelity. (lush plants, 2 pink crystal hearts and 2 pink candles, and 4 stalks of lucky bamboo are wonderful cures but the best cure for the 3 is already there, the roaring fire of the South)
#2 Star with the annual Wood Star #3 in the North East is a cat fight that gets ugly. Here we have arguments, disharmony along with illness, bloating, and digestive issues. (RED is your color to drain this nasty 3 but the 2 Star feeds off that so it is better to go neutral, Zen black, gray, white. Add a Wu Lou by the bedside and a Salt Water Cure if this is your bedroom and a Ba Gua Mirror if a major entrance.) Shhh keep this room dark and quiet.
 #1 Star Star sits in the West pairing up with the Annual 2 Star. Sickness plaguing your stomach, food poisoning, bloating, disease are soothed by the Waters of the 1 Star which typically brings successes. The 2 Star allows for nothing good to happen here so just continue to focus on managing this negative force. AVOID this part of your home and office and outdoors too. NO FIRE of any kind.

#9 Fire is in the NW with the Annual 1 Star which is an energy for success and overcoming obstacles in the best way, joyful celebrations, parties, social fun, and future successes. This is a positive chi to enjoy with the color BLUE and a single gold ingot or crystal and for this month add 9 purple silk flowers or a picture(s) of what you most want to manifest this month.

I don’t sell cures online anymore but still have lots in stock. Just email me any inquiries.
The energy around us is in constant flux, ebbing and flowing. Learning to move with the energy in your home ensures you side step the worst and engage with the best for a harmonious, healthy, and prosperous life.