These are some basic Feng Shui practices designed to make your home office a supportive, profitable, and effective environment.

#1 Have a tall bookcase behind you for support. You can place on the bookcase shelf either a dragon headed turtle or a set of the Three Immortals as guardian protectors.

#2 As you sit at your desk you want to have a high filing cabinet or bookcase on your left. On your right is where you put the shorter file cabinets.

#3 You should be able to see the door from where you sit

#4 Place a Dragon on the Left (or on top of your computer) and either a pair of Ki Lung Unicorns on your Right or a Jade Elephant lying on his side (this opens up communication).

#5 Have traffic flow and active/current files and calendar on the left side of the desk. The Right side of the desk is for older files and paperwork. 

#6 As you come into the door of your office place a large potted plant with full leaves in the Left far corner. The wide leaves represent cash flow.

#7 Desk should be in good condition – preferably made of wood.

#8 If your work involves interaction with the phone, Fax, or internet, place Lucky Bamboo in water by the phone. (3 or 4 stalks is sufficient).

#9 Empty trash can every other day. Keep area free of clutter and untidy piles.

#10 You can locate the office to support either your required element(s) or to match your business type. (More information can be provided if you are interested in learning more)

In general a new business can be located in the SE representing new growth. Or using your House Gua or Personal Gua, locate yourself in the Vigor area.

#11 Natural sunlight coming in from a window and enough light in the room to increase Yang active energy.