The Year of the Snake 2013 Feng Shui












Black 1 Water in the NORTH

Romance Star brings dating opportunities, having fun, romance and travel, also success over competition, promotion and career success

CURES to Enhance:

For better relationships, romantic and professional, place a pink rose quartz in the Northern window

AVOID clashing colors of Earth tones like terracotta, peach, tan, brown and yellow, Fire colors of Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose

Support the Water with Metal, white, gray, all shades of Blue and silky fabrics

For Money luck and good fortune place a single gold ingot on a piece of blue fabric with a large clear quartz crystal

If this is a front door, use a Back or Blue doormat

 Yellow 2 Sickness Star in the South West

Bring illness, disease and chronic dis-ease

CURES to Dispel:

Place a Metal empty round bowl, or Metal statue like a Metal Hotei Buddha to weaken the negative chi

If an entrance, hang a Metal wind chime outside by the steps

If a front entrance hang a Ba-Gua mirror to deflect and/or Gold Fu Dogs

Remove anything that is  moving like flags, aquariums, ceiling fans and mobiles

Use colors of Metal exclusively – gold, silver, bronze, white and gray to drain

AVOID Fire colors of Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose, Earth tones like terracotta, peach, tan, brown and yellow, Greens and live plants, Water features and the color Blue

Keep the door to this room closed and drapes drawn to neutralize the chi

AVOID banging, renovations, loud noises and use this room, entrance or area of the yard minimally – if a bedroom try to use an alternate place for sleep in 2013 to safeguard your health

  • If you can’t change bedrooms, place a Metal Wu Lou by the bedside and a *salt water cure in the SW most corner of the room

 Green 3 Wood Anxiety Star in the East along with the 3 Killings

Lawsuits, hostility, miscommunication, fighting, and trouble with authority figures

CURES to Dispel:

DO NOT sit with you back towards the East or you’ll incite back stabbing and unexpected hardship

REMOVE all Blue, Green, plants and Water features

AVOID sleeping in this room if possible, a Den or Family Room is ok

ADD RED and Fire to weaken – this is the element to focus on exclusively

If a Front Door use a RED door mat


Green Wood 4 Star of Intelligence is in the South East

Grand Duke – South/ South East 150 degrees – AVOID facing this direction, do not bang, disturb in any way, face a Pi Yao in this direction to appease the Grand Duke.

This is an auspicious room for studies in 2013, all students will do well to work in this area. Everyone benefits from increased mental clarity and focus.

CURES to Enhance:

DO NOT sit facing this direction but you can put your back to the SE for support

  • If this is the direction your desk faces, turn it around
  • If this is a front door ensure you have a screen or tree in the front yard as a divider

4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a blue or green glass vase

Focus on colors of Green, Turquoise and Blue, live plants

AVOID Metal, white, gray, Earth and Fire colors and materials

Keep curtains open, open windows on nice days and keep doors open as well to keep chi active

Place on the desk a computer and a jar with brushes, pens and markers to support creativity and scholarly success

Keep area quiet but do use this room just not with a lot of banging or construction

Yellow 5 Disaster in the Center

Misfortune, accidents, sickness, loss – being in the Center means it has no particular trigram and this makes it even more unstable and unpredictable. Yet, being in the Center means it is jailed and is easier to contain. This is the most powerful and malignant of all the energies of Feng Shui.

CURES to Dispel:

Metal as in Chiming clocks, Musical Instruments, an empty bowl, statues and chimes all work to weaken the Earthy nature of the 5 Star

AVOID RED, Fire, YELLOW and all Earth tones as well as pottery, stones, porcelain and crystals – if this is a Kitchen cover the stove burners when not in use

Focus on Metal to drain as in colors of white, gray, gold and silver

Do not sleep or spend significant time in this area of your home

  • If you must sleep here use a Metal Wu Lou to protect health and the *Salt Water Cure

Keep the door closed off to the rest of the house if possible, draw the drapes and keep the chi dormant

No renovations, digging or loud noises inside and outside too – don’t forget to extend your ba-gua into the yard

No bright lights, lights left on for hours at a time,  candles, fire place, stove, barbeque, fire pit

The worst months will be February, August and November

If this is a stairwell hang jingle bells along the railing

If this is the front entrance hang a Ba-Gua mirror and/ or place Gold Fu Dogs on the front steps

  • If at all possible use another entrance


White Metal 6 in the North West

The Leadership Star brings power, authority, good fortune and help from the Universe

CURES to Enhance:

Keep this area active, open curtains and windows and doors

If this is the Kitchen cover the stove burners when not in use

Remove all Fire, Red, Orange, Hot Pink, Candles, etc.. as well as Wood, the color green, and plants

Support this energy with Earth tones and Metal

Hang a strand of 6 coins

 Red Metal 7 in the West

The Fighting Star promotes robbery, slander, injury from sharp objects and accidents

CURES to Dispel:

If an entrance or a Kitchen place a Blue or Gray door mat

Remove anything moving like flags, mobiles, aquariums and ceiling fans

Remove all weapons like guns, swords and knives

Use this room minimally, keep door closed, windows closed and drapes drawn

Avoid sleeping in this sector

AVOID Fire, Red, Earth tones like Yellow and Brown

Focus on Metal with a Blue accent (pillows, towels, rugs, artwork) to drain the chi


White 8 in North East

Wealth, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Promotion and the BEST energy to motivate and keep active

If this is your front door your home is welcoming the True Dragon in 2013 and supreme good fortune is possible

CURES to Enhance:

Remove any blockage like clutter, debris, trash, dead branches, etc

Open the windows, drapes and doors facing NE to keep the chi active

Use a Red or Yellow light (lamp shade, light bulb or lava lamp) and keep on through the night

Place a ceramic Dog outside in the NE sector of the yard near the house

In the yard plant 8 terracotta pots with red or yellow flowers

Inside place 8 red or yellow silk flowers in a pottery vase

String of 8 coins


Purple 9 Fire in the South

This Star brings marriage for singles, babies for married couples, parties, celebrations and friends – Manifesting your dreams and doubles either good luck or bad luck depending on your house ba-gua

CURES to Enhance:

In a window place 9 purple crystal balls or 9 Purple silk flowers

If a Dining Room or Kitchen area place 9 faux oranges or apples in a Wood bowl on a table or counter top

In the yard place 9 terracotta pots with Red or Purple flowers

Keep windows, curtains and doors open to keep this chi moving

Park your car in the South, approach your home from the South, enter through a Southern door or sleep in the South for best results for motivating good fortune in 2013

AVOID Water, Blue colors, Metal, white and gray along with Earth tones like Yellow and Brown

Support this chi with Wood, Green, Fire, Red, Orange, Rose, Hot Pink and Purple

OPTIMUM love maker – if you are so fortunate to have an open hallway connecting the North and South – use a mirror, a light or a runner rug to move this energy and make this love connection!


“When the combination of the annual star and monthly star in a compass sector is made up of the good stars (8, 6 and 1), the particular sector is said to very auspicious and will bring lots of good luck to its occupant. But when the bad stars congregate in the same sector, it’s important that you vacate the room for the month. If this cannot be done, you must install Feng Shui cures to suppress them or they will bring misfortunes of the most severe kind. However, you do not have to worry if the bad stars fly into a storeroom, toilet, garage or a missing corner because its negative effect is said to be contained and dissolved. The effect, whether good or bad, is lesser when the number appears alone.”

“The flight of the 9 Feng Shui stars which is based on the pattern of numbers in the Luo Shu Square, changes positions every 20 year and on an annual, monthly and even daily basis. However, for practical Feng Shui application, the Annual and Monthly Flying Stars are of greater significance. The yearly Flying Star updates serve as an important indicator of the potential events of the year ahead whilst the monthly forecasts help with timing, suggesting when to attempt something and when to lie low. Hence it is important to take note of the positions of these Flying Stars so that we can be prepared accordingly, whether armed for protection or ready for activation. Given the volatility of the Five Yellow and its Flying Star status, it is wise to stay up to date on its area of influence not only annually but on a monthly basis. (Refer to our Monthly Flying Star Forecast for updates)”


References: Raymond Lo, Dr Paul Yan and Buy-Feng