2014 Year of the Green Horse

January 31st 2014 – February 18, 2015


Thursday January 16th ends the Year of the Water Snake opening a space for us to prepare for the New Year.

January 16th – 30th is your window of opportunity for making all of your Feng Shui for the New Year preparations.

This is a time to go through your house; room by room, closets and cabinets, attic, basement, garage, and shed and take note of excess, of what’s broken, damaged, faded, outdated.

Make a pile for the dump, a pile to donate and maybe a pile to sell. Take note of what new items might be needed to refresh a room; a new piece of local art, cushions for the couch, bed linens, etc.

Then go outside and evaluate the condition of trees, shrubs, plantings, grass, etc. What needs to be removed, trimmed or renovated? Is it time to turn that lawn into a big garden? What about the exterior of the house itself? How are the roof, gutters, siding, paint, etc? Make note of what needs improving and hit the local hardware store.

On the Full Moon of January 16th take your Feng Shui cures and crystals outside for a cleansing moonlight bath. The next day, douse them with sea salt and clear with cold, clean water. Throughout the cleaning process say a prayer, mantra or blessing to clear these sacred items so they are fully charged for the New Year.

*Ba-Gua Mirrors and Coins must be replaced every year as they hold too much chi to be reused. Coins can be dismantled and tossed in a wishing well as a way of repurposing them.

The New Moon on January 31st ushers in the New Year. On this day it is said you should hang red lanterns in your home, set off fireworks to ward off evil spirits, wear new clothes, celebrate with friends  and give children lai see or money in red envelopes.

The first day of the New Year arrives on the first day of Spring February 4th.

 A Look Back Before Moving Forward:

2013 The Year of the Snake came with many surprises, a hidden agenda for many of us that we did not see coming. I witnessed lots of transformations, significant life changes in the people around me including myself in the form of divorces, moving, new jobs, new relationships and shedding of old life/self/soul paradigms. There seemed to be no mercy in the level of change put upon us, and if you struggled, it only made things worse. The shedding of the Snake energy was palpable and at times it felt as if our skin was being forcibly pulled off. BUT, I can also say that the end results I see around me are indeed miraculous.

And what has our world endured? How has our world changed this year? Are gay rights the civil rights issue of our time; are we not seeing greater equality throughout the world with major victories in 2013? Check out http://www.historyorb.com/events/date/2013 to see some of the top stories of this past year. You’ll notice chronic unrest and violence in the Middle East, unrest between North and South Korea as North Korea continues to tout nuclear weapons development, nations and states in the US passing gay marriage equality, weather events, and the notable passing of Nelson Mandela.

The Year of the Dragon 2012 ended the Mayan Calendar and set us up for a transformation of consciousness that we have now experienced in the Year of the Snake. We simply cannot blindly live the way we always have, that model no longer resonates with where we are going. And so we slither into the path of the Green Horse, wildly spirited, free, independent and passionate. It’s time to step into our own light, be our authentic selves, stand up for what we believe in, follow our bliss and engage more fully in moving our lives in a more vibrant direction.

Characteristics of a Wood Horse:

We may see people play these qualities out this coming year – More stability, cooperation, caring and acceptance. Of all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse is the restless adventurer; energetic, active and always on the go. In Horse year there is increased travel, competition, rivalry and victory. They are independent, need their space and resist being committed to anyone or anything. Horse energy is positive and energized. They make great friends, love to socialize, don’t mind being in the spotlight and make great counselors. They also hold their youth and health longer than others. So, in Horse year you see people with busier schedules and more romance,

Some positive attributes: Independent, enthusiastic, enterprising, talkative, brave, generous, youthful and outspoken.

Negative attributes: Impatient, restless, careless, high strung, argumentative, and opportunistic.

Those born between 11 am and 1 pm have Horse as an ascendant quality making them more agile, lively, easily bored and agitated.

The Horse is Yin Fire with a little bit of Earth, the month of June and the Southern direction in the season of Summer.

2014 Green Wood Horse shows strongly rooted  tree (Yang Wood) sitting atop the freedom loving, fiery Horse. This nurturing relationship may struggle as the Wood is hard to compromise.

In fact 2014, may be a year we see more stubborn qualities presented, impasses with opposing views, increased political polarity and overall worldwide fighting. Not a peaceful year predicted at all.

There’s your challenge to be the peace, live the love and find harmony in your own life and relationships!


Yang Wood relates to the Liver and Head. Like a mighty tree Yang Wood people aren’t very flexible, compromising or willing to surrender and will not back down in a fight. And when Yang Wood people are pushed too hard, too far they likely will show eccentric, erratic behavior. Some famous Yang Wood people, John Nash (“Beautiful Minds”), Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Virginia Woolf and Kristen Stewart. The Fire element will affect health conditions of the heart, circulation, blood poisoning and since Fire attacks Metal, lung and skin diseases. With the 4 Star in the Center of the Ba-Gua there is an increased likelihood of avian flu. The Wood organs of liver and gallbladder will require the most attention.

World Events – Economy – Business:

You will likely hear of more meteorites hitting the Earth, a stronger stock market and economy.

The energy of Fire supports the industries of sports, entertainment, exercise, restaurants and air travel.  The Flower of Romance with the Horse will also support success in fashion, beauty, advertising and media but look out for sex scandals.

The Year of the Horse supports nuclear issues and in the case of North Korea and Iran, there is a greater threat.  With greater sea and air travel there will also come more accidents.

There is also increased likelihood of sea and air pollution, forest fires and drought as the Fire element dries out the Wood element.

The spring and summer of 2014 will be very good for investing and the economy. In business the Water and Metal industries conquer Fire and therefore prevail well such as shipping, transportation and communication, hi-tech, computers, banking, machinery, cars, and engineering.  It will be an active year for the Wood industries of books, publishing, magazine, clothing, textiles and environmental industries. Fire industries will see stiff competition in energy, entertainment and restaurant businesses.

The Horse brings enthusiasm and upbeat moods worldwide.

Astrological Conflict with the Horse

  • People born on the Day or Year of the Horse may find more worries, sickness, arguments and confrontations in the year ahead.  Be frugal with money and play it safe. People born in the Year of the Horse – 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014
  • The worst conflict is Rat, Water, at battle with Horse, Fire. They trigger serious fire and water disasters so take heed. Also if you have weak Kidneys or heart issues you will need to take greater care of your health. People born on the Day or in the year of the Rat should not travel South but in general, travel is okay as is changing jobs, properties and moving.  RAT people need a totem of the SHEEP for protection. Rat People born in the year of 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008
  • Those born in the Year of the Ox who have been working too hard may have health issues in 2014. Ox peeps are born in the years of 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, and 2009.

Some examples of famous people born in the year of the Rat and in clash against the Horse in 2014 are Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Mark Zuckerberg, Pope Francis, Scarlet Johansson, and also under clash because they are born on the day of Rat, facing a challenging year are Warren Buffett, Jennifer Lawrence, Asthon Kutcher, Sandra Bullock, and Kiera Knightly.

The clash against the Day Pillar will usually cause movement or conflict in the family or in the relationship area, especially with a spouse or lover.

Astrological Harmony with the Horse

  • People born on the Day or Year of the Snake will do very well in 2014.
  • People born on the Day or Year of the Tiger or Dog connect with the Horse and release more Fire into their chart. If Fire is a favorable element for you, then you will also find this to be a good year going forward.
  • Those born in a year ending in 1 like 1961 carry the Nobleman Star and are our protective angels in 2014.
  • The Horse is an Academic Star for those born on a Yin Wood Day and if you are having a baby in 2014 hope for a Yin Wood Day in the months of March, July or November.

The last Wood Horse Year was in the year 1954

The Unemployment Rate was 2.9%

A US Stamp cost 3 cents

Federal Debt was $270.8 billion

Population of the World 2.728 billion people

Some fun price comparisons – A man’s suit sold for about $25, a set of tires would set you back $15 a piece, A woman’s suit cost about $12, a little girls jumper $3, and a new stove about $390 and a ranch style home $18,000 – those were the days!

Big movies were “On the Waterfront”, “rear Window”, “The Caine Mutiny”, “Sabrina”, “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” and “The High and Mighty”

Best Selling Book – “The Fellowship of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien, “A Spy in the House of Love” by Anais Nin, and “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding

Top Song was Bill Haley and the Comets, “Rock Around the Clock”

Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio

Elvis Presley started his music career

The World Series was broadcast for the first time in color

Dr. Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine was administered for the first time

Henri Matisse died in 1954

Nasser became president of Egypt April 17th

Algerian War for independence against France began October 31st

The McCarthy hearings ran from April until June, his Communist witch hunt effectively ended in December of 1954, he died three years later

Ellis Island officially closed

President Eisenhower signed into law the Social Security Bill

3 Hurricanes hit the US including Hurricane Hazel on October 14th, one of the worst storms of the 20th century

Play Doh was invented

Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka goes before the Supreme Court resulting in the end of racial segregation

The Fender Stratocaster guitar was made

Peanut M&Ms are created

Sports Illustrated and Playboy Magazine are both published for the first time


The Universal Number for 2014 is 7 – Change and Dynamic Activity!

The Chinese Astrology of the United States for 2014

Our country’s current Luck Cycle reveals a time of not connecting well with our allies, conflicted with other countries, loss of income, and an unstable economy. Education and Faith are also primary focuses and the rise of inspirational figures that have something to teach us. This will change in 2017 when our country will move through a Cycle shift and in fact, we may begin in these next few years to feel the energy change as we move from one 10 year period into another.

2013 was another Void year that brought Faith and Education, teachers, and inspirational, spiritual, religious leaders into the foreground. The female archetype reigned more supremely as we saw in the election results leaning towards more liberal, socially conscious politicians over extremist conservative parties in regards to women’s rights issues. The Snake promised transformation for our nation and we were being called to innovate, create, change, push and become our true, authentic selves ready to take action and stand up for all that we believed in. Did we accomplish that? If you made a change for the positive in your life, then you were a part of manifesting that destiny.

So, 2014 brings the focus to family, meeting our responsibilities, education, teachers, government, law, authority figures and young girls. Likely there will be some notable laws passed and challenged. Our political arena will continue to struggle to find compromise. Women’s issues will persist as a significant issue especially in regards to young girls. And individually we must stand up strong, work hard, devote more of our schedules to quality family time, and clean up our own “house”. Education reform, student’s performance and the quality of education will also be a continued focus. Religion we will see in 2014 through inspirational people rising up. Be open to learning, to connecting to Spirit and to returning to your own inner home this year. The time for unity, the kind that begins with family, is required. Ease up on the schedules or stress will burn you out and erode relationships. Get back to family dinners, saying grace, and organized family outings. Connect with a spiritual community that lifts you up, inspires you and supports you in a dynamic new way. This is the message for America in 2014.

President Barack Obama’s Astrological forecast for 2014:

2010 brought Obama into a time of celebration, enjoying life but also having to deal with harsh critics, difficult challenging, even injurious relationships. There is a threat to his safety and wellbeing. His position and reputation will be challenged. It is a powerful time for him as a leader.

2014 puts a lot of emphasis on his relationship with his daughters and likely we will hear more from and about them in the coming months. Obama sees a busier, more demanding year ahead as he struggles to accommodate all of his responsibilities. Likely there will be changes made in Education, new bills passed, reform for positive changes. Our President is feeling re-inspired and driven by his Faith to push harder for what he believes in.


Feng Shui for 2014Lucky directions are:
1 in the South West (White) is connected to Good Fortune in Business, Romance, Stimulates Social Relationships and Achieving Success

CURES to Enhance:

The Earthy quality of the South West competes with the Watery 1 Star, weakening its positive effects. To reinforce this chi, we want to mitigate with Metal.

**Women of the house will benefit greatly from this energy as will those born in the Year or on the Day of the Monkey or Sheep.

  • AVOID clashing color like Fire Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose, heavy Wood furniture and the colors in the green spectrum and ease up on the predominance of Earth tones like tan, brown, and yellow.
  • Support the Water with Metal as in a Brass Buddha and other Metal accent pieces, also white, gray and metallic shades as in pillows, rugs, throw blankets and black and white photography. Also pops of bright blues in silky fabrics
  • For $$Money luck$$ and good fortune place a single gold ingot on a piece of blue fabric with a large clear quartz crystal
  • If this is a front door, use a Black or Blue ½ moon doormat
  • To motivate romance, especially in the South West relationship sector, place a pair of birds, 2 candles, and/or a black and white image of a couple embracing, dancing or in some way happily together

4 Sits in the CENTER (Green) is connected to Intelligence, Academic Achievement, Relationship, Creativity

CURES to Enhance:

The Earthy quality of the Center competes with the Woody 4 Star, weakening its positive effects. To reinforce this chi, we want to mitigate with Fire. And to note, the 4 in the Center foretells disasters by wind, the last time the 4 was in the Center we had Hurricane Katrina. But the 4 also brings romance and is known as the Peach Blossom. This is also the Education Star bringing good fortune to teachers, writers and there is greater chance for business people to receive promotions and advancements.

  • Focus on colors of Fire Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose with accents of Green like  live plants
  • AVOID Metal, white, gray, Earth and Watery Blue colors and materials
  • Keep curtains open, open windows on nice days and keep doors open as well to keep chi active
  • Place on the desk a jar with brushes, pens and markers to support creativity and scholarly success
  • 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a green or red glass vase with a Pair of Birds to enhance romantic relationships

 An ideal alignment is to have a clear, open channel through your house from the South to the North, going through the Center to connect the BEST chi of 2014; the 4, 8 and 9 Stars

6 in the WEST(White) is connected to Windfalls, Money, Power, Position

CURES to Enhance:

The Metal quality of the 6 Star finds companionship with the Metal direction of the West. This area will easily be enhanced with good fortune given the right treatments.

**Those who most benefit from this chi are youngest daughters and those born in the year or on the day of the Monkey, Dog and Rooster.

  • Support Metal with Earth tones like Tan, Brown, Terracotta, Peach, Chamois, Yellow
  • AVOID Fire, colors of Red, Hot Pink, Violet, Brick, Burgundy and Orange as well as heavy Wood furniture and green tones
  • Keep this area active, open curtains and windows and doors
  • If this is the Kitchen cover the stove burners when not in use with a Metal cookie sheet or Metal burner covers
  • Hang a strand of 6 coins

8 in the SOUTH (White) is connected to Money, Wealth, Happy Celebrations and Good Fortune

CURES to Enhance:

The Earth quality of the 8 Star is well fed by the Fire power of the South. This is THE best area of 2014 to enhance for wealth potential. But the presence of the Grand Duke warns to enjoy this space and to use it regularly but quietly – there should be no banging, construction or renovations here.

**The middle daughter and those born in the year of or day of the Horse, Snake and Sheep will benefit most from this abundant and happy energy if bedroom, main entrance or living room is in the South. A jade stone further enhances this chi.

  • Focus on colors of Fire Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose with accents of Yellow, Brown, Tan and other Earth tones
  • AVOID Metal, white, gray, shades of Blue, Water, Green and heavy Wood Furniture
  • Open the windows, drapes and doors facing S to keep the chi active
  • Use a Red or Yellow light (lamp shade, light bulb or lava lamp, salt lamp) and keep on through the night
  • In the yard plant 8 terracotta pots with red or yellow flowers
  • Inside place 8 red or yellow silk flowers in a pottery vase
  • String of 8 coins
  • Do not sit facing or driving in a Southerly direction to avoid offending the Grand Duke BUT Do put your back to him for support

9 in the NORTH (Purple) is connected to Happiness, Marriage, Success, Good Fortune and Recognition

CURES to Enhance:

The Fiery 9 Star meets obstruction in the Watery North which reduces its benevolent influences. To mitigate, add Green and Heavy Wood pieces along with healthy live plants. The 9 is a Future Star and brings successful completion to projects that began last year – the 9 Star magnifies good fortune and positive chi. Those with homes, living rooms or bedroom in the North will benefit the most and any projects started in 2014 will have long term success in the future.

**This is also true for middle born sons and those born in the year or on the day of the Pig, Ox and Rat.

BUT there are the Three Killings here so again, take measures to avoid disturbing this area and use it regularly but quietly.

  • Focus on colors of Green, with strong accents of Purple, Fire Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose
  • AVOID Metal, White, Gray ,Yellow, Brown, Tan and other Earth tones as well as lots of Water influences in the form of actual Water and too much Blue
  • In a window place 9 purple crystal balls or 9 Purple silk flowers
  • If a Dining Room or Kitchen area place 9 faux oranges or apples in a Wood bowl on a table or counter top
  • In the yard place 9 terracotta pots with Red or Purple flowers
  • Keep windows, curtains and doors open to keep this chi moving
  • Do NOT sit with your back to the North or drive away from this direction but DO sit facing North.

Unlucky directions are

2 in the EAST(Black) is connected to Illness and Accidents

CURES to Dispel:

Here the Earthy 2 Star is drained by the strength of the strong Wood in the East which is wonderful. The approach to take then is to continue to nourish the innate Wood qualities and let the malevolence anemically abide.

**Those most afflicted by this negative energy whose bedrooms or front entrance falls in the East are people born in the year or month of the Rabbit, Tiger and Dragon. Take heed to protect yourself by carrying a wu lou health gourd in your car, keeping one by the front door or by your bed side.

  • Focus on colors of Green exclusively and Wood furnishings
  • AVOID Blue, Water, Metal, White, Gray, Earth tones and Fire especially like Purple, Red, Yellow, Brown, Tan, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose
  • If a Bedroom place a Brass Wu Lou by the bedside for good health and a Salt Water Cure to absorb any residual toxicity
  • If a front door, place 2 Fu Dogs on either side of the front stoop along with a Ba-Gua mirror on the front door to deflect the negative chi – Use an alternate entrance if at all possible
  • Do Not Bang, Dig, Renovate or in any way rattle the chi in the Eastern part of your home or property

3 in the SOUTH EAST(Green) is connected to Quarrels, Disputes, Lawsuits,  

CURES to Dispel:

Unfortunately the Woody 3 Star is supported here by the Wood of the South East. I can sense some serious arguments over finances in 2014. Best to add Fiery accents to drain the influence.

**Those most affected by this argumentative, slanderous energy are eldest daughters and those born in the year or the day of the Snake and Dragon who have a main entrance, bedroom or living room in the South East. These people are more likely to be volatile, argumentative and obstinate. Best to carry a rose quartz crystal on your person to open the heart and calm the mood.

  • Focus on colors of Green, Wood furnishings and strong accents of Fire like Purple, Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose
  • AVOID Blue, Water, Metal, White, Gray, Earth tones like Yellow, Brown, Tan,
  • A Red Hotei is an ideal cure
  • Red pillows, throw rug or door mat, if a front door
  • A Kitchen in the South East creates a natural cure with the stove
  • Keep curtains drawn and doors shut to this room to quell the negativity

5 in the NORTH WEST(Yellow)) is connected to Sickness, Turmoil, Bad Luck and Overall Misfortune

CURES to Dispel:

This is the WORST area for 2014 and should be avoided at all cost. Anyone with a garage or front door in this sector should look for alternative entrances. Extreme care and caution should be exercised. The North West is a Metal direction that weakens the Earthy 5 but further cures are needed to disable any potential for its activation. **The man of the household will be the worst afflicted by this chi if born in the year or on the day of the Pig or Dog whose bedroom, main entrance or living rooms face the North West – a brass pagoda is the cure to place in that room for protection.

  • Metal as in Chiming clocks, Musical Instruments, an empty bowl, statues and chimes all work to weaken the Earthy nature of the 5 Star
  • AVOID RED, Fire, YELLOW and all Earth tones as well as pottery, stones, porcelain and crystals – if this is a Kitchen cover the stove burners when not in use
  • Focus on Metal to drain as in colors of white, gray, gold and silver, black and white photography, Metal statuary
  • Do not sleep or spend significant time in this area of your home
    • If you must sleep here use a Metal Wu Lou to protect health and the *Salt Water Cure
    • Keep the door closed off to the rest of the house if possible, draw the drapes and keep the chi dormant
    • No renovations, digging or loud noises inside and outside too – don’t forget to extend your Ba-Gua into the yard – also no music or TV in this area!
    • No bright lights, lights left on for hours at a time,  candles, fire place, stove, barbeque, fire pit
    • The worst months will be June, August and September
    • If this is a stairwell hang jingle bells along the railing
    • If this is the front entrance hang a Ba-Gua mirror and place Gold Fu Dogs on the front steps

7 in the NORTH EAST(Red) is connected to Robbery, Crime, Violence, Cheating and Arguments

CURES to Dispel:

The Earthy nature of the North East feeds the Metal of the 7 Star so it is really important that you find ways to drain this influence with accents of Water.

**The youngest daughter and those born in the year or on the day of the Ox and Tiger with a bedroom, main entrance or living room in this sector – ensure you handle sharp objects and machinery most carefully. Carry a sodalite crystal on your person for protection.

  • If an entrance or a Kitchen place a Blue door mat
  • Remove anything moving like flags, mobiles, aquariums and ceiling fans
  • Remove all weapons like guns, swords and knives
  • Use this room minimally, keep door closed, windows closed and drapes drawn
  • Avoid sleeping in this sector
  • AVOID Fire, Red, Earth tones like Yellow and Brown as well as Wood and shades of green
  • Focus on Metal with a Blue accent with use of pillows, towels, rugs, and artwork
  • 3 stalks of Lucky Bamboo in clear vase
  • Double check safety of doors and windows
  The Flying Stars are DOUBLED in June, take heed!  

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