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February 10, 2013 – January 31, 2014

Kui Si – Yin Water over Yang Fire with Yang Earth and Metal

Gung Hai Fat Choy ~ Happy New Year!

As we begin this New Year, we look back upon the events of the 2012 Water Dragon.

It is important to reflect upon our lessons; personally, professionally, nationally and globally. Many journeys came to an end this year, whether in careers, relationship, or life itself and new journeys were born, as is the cycle of all things. This was a time of seeing clearly the two sides of the Moon, the light and dark/ good and evil/ progressive movement and recessive clinging to old outdated systems. In many ways we saw a world polarized by their views and beliefs; this was the work of the Dragon. The question I asked you was, “What do you need to be Freed from in order to Thrive and Awaken to your True Self?” And have you now found that answer?

And we saw water in dramatic display as seen in the late season hurricane Sandy that crushed the New Jersey shore and New York City communities. Great Britain and the Pacific Northwest as well as parts of India have seen record rainfall/snowfall this past year and Venice Italy had the worst flooding in over 140 years. We saw record ice melt on the polar ice caps and climatologists warning that global warming will continue to bring extreme storms and bizarre weather patterns.

BIG EVENTS of 2012:

  • A contentious Presidential Election season
  • Supreme Court’s upholding of ObamaCare
  • Supreme Court eliminated much of the contested immigration law in Arizona
  • 4th warmest winter on record was felt throughout the United States
  • The very warm winter lead to terrible spring wildfires that by summer claimed over 1 million acres and a summer drought that impacted some 50% of the US
  • A freak June storm called a Derecho where cold air slams into hot moist air caused severe damage and power outages from the Ohio River Valley into the Mid Atlantic
  • Overall the US experienced the warmest year and the warmest summer in recorded history
  • 1st democratic Egyptian President sworn in June 24 2012
  • Hurricane Isaac hit the Gulf Coast
  • Horrific fighting in Syria
  • October 30th Super Storm Sandy, the largest storm in history caused over 180 deaths from Haiti to Canada and put parts of NYC and New Jersey underwater.
  • November 6 Barack Obama handedly won a second term as US President – election also brings in new laws supporting gay marriage and legalizing marijuana and a large, diverse surge of women in top political seats
  • Nov 20th a cease fire was declared between fighting with Hamas and Israel
  • Typhoon Bopha devastates parts of Phillipines in early December
  • In December massive rains and snowfalls break records along the North West states of Washington, Oregon and Northern California
  • The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT brought a nation to its knees in mourning the deaths of 20 children, 6 teachers, the shooter and his mother. This prompted outrage at gun laws as well as concern for how we care for the mentally ill in America.
  •  Around the world there was extreme weather where Europe experienced the coldest winter and record snows while at the same time massive flooding plagued Australia and severe drought in parts of Africa, and spring floods in Bolivia and Rwanda. Brazil suffered its worst drought in 50 years while China had record flooding and rainfall. Typhoons hit China in late summer, flooding in Bangladesh and the world saw record reduction in Arctic sea ice.  In the Fall there was flooding in Nigeria and typhoons in the Western Pacific.
  • Scientists around the world are now acknowledging that the extreme weather patterns are directly related to global warming and this is going to be a growing trend in years to come


Slithering into her throne is the Water misted Snake, like water into a hot pan she will sizzle and scintillate us with her charms. Much of what began in 2012 will begin to manifest into transformations, change and rebirth. Some of us will be asked, forced and pushed into releasing old paradigms that no longer serve our highest good. We must not resist this change for it is, ultimately, for our betterment. And change is not to be feared for fear is only our clinging to our idea of who we are and the illusion that there is safety in that knowing. When we open up to the potential that lies within us all, that change could truly bring a revolution of possibilities. Change is the theme of 2013, and in order to grow we must accept that which is going to be transforming around us and within ourselves.


Who Is the Snake?

Snake is represented by the element of Fire which can bring warmth and comfort or cause destruction. Here we have a Yin Water Year with a Yang Fire Snake suggesting disharmony depending on whether you use Snake energy to renew your life or cause destruction to others. There is a fine line to balance of whether you rest and rejuvenate, basking in the warm sun or rise up and strike back against some imagined threat (real or not). The Snake appears lazy but is actually very industrious. The shedding of the snake skin is a symbol of rebirth and renewal which is what we must embrace in the coming year. Snakes are associated with bitter tastes like green tea, olives, spinach, coffee, and apples, the season of summer in the month of May, hot steamy, the direction of the South, the colors red and green, the flowers of  thistle and heather. The Fire element is associated with the functions of the heart, circulation, small intestine, tongue and mental health. There is greater chance of brain and heart illness as in strokes and heart attacks, also more epidemics, viruses and plagues. The Fire element is also associated with the careers of artists, performers, actors and actresses, motivational people, therapists, psychologists, athletes, beauticians, and of course, snake charmers.

Snakes are wise and beautiful, serene and self possessing. They are self disciplined, traditional and thinkers. Snakes are intuitive and make excellent negotiators, counselors, astrologers, psychics, and critics. On the positive side they are discreet, smart, mysterious, sensual, intuitive, instinctive, methodical and shrewd but at their worst can be calculating, vengeful, lazy, suspicious, jealous, extravagant and possessive. I wonder how we will see these characteristics played out in the months ahead?

So with Fire and Water we have conflict this coming year, the Fire is energetically rising up like a revolution or a great change. Some examples of other Snake years when we saw sudden attacks: Pearl Harbor in 1941, the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the Tiananmen Square incident 1989, the September 11th attack on the US in 2001. Within the Snake’s Yang Fire hides Yang Metal represented by a weapon. Conflict and violence is noted for 2013 but the Water here is Yin in nature like the morning dew. This most Yin of influences is all penetrating but can be positive in creating opportunities for breakthroughs in science and technology, innovative ideas and reform. Or the affect can be sneak attacks, terrorism, cheating and assassinations.

Water over Snake will also bring more travel and invigorate the transportation and communication industries. Expect railway, plane and ship accidents with this increase in energy. The country to look to in 2013 is China as their leader, Xi Jin Ping was born in 1953 and is a Yin Water Snake. The Snake combines with Monkey and Tiger to create a Fire Penalty, the months of February and August are when explosions and big fires are most likely. Notable deaths associated with this penalty are Stalin who died of a stroke in 1953 a Yin Snake year and he was born in a Tiger year and died in a Tiger month. Also Elvis Presley born on a Monkey Day and a Tiger Hour died in the Snake year of 1977 in the Monkey month of August and on a Snake day.

We will also see increased attention on nuclear weapons especially in relation to Iran and North Korea. There is also greater chance of wide spread power outages, issues with electricity, great displays of lightning and expansive solar flares. The warmth created by Yin Water and Yang Fire increases the likelihood for tornadoes, super storms, and hurricanes.

Along with heart disease, strokes and circulation problems the Water organs may also be affected; the sexual organs, kidneys, kidney stones and infection.

Economic and Industry Trends for 2013

Fire stimulates the stock market and we should see renewed optimism for economic recovery and growth. Look for the best surge in economy in the spring and summer months. This trend will increase and thrive through 2014. The relationship of the 5 elements determines which industries do best. Since Waster conquers Earth, the Earth businesses like mining, hotel, insurance and health will do very well. Since Metal creates Water and the Fire puts the Metal to good use invigorating hi-tech, computers, banking, machinery, cars and engineering. As Wood produces Fire the industries of publishing, real estate, textiles, clothing, paper, magazines, education and the environment will also prosper. While the Fire will motivate the Water industries, there will be more competition in transportation and communication. The worst businesses this year will be Fire related such as restaurants, culinary, entertainment, the arts, and energy. These Fire industries will be active but have too many competitors.

The last Water Snake Year was 60 years ago – 1953

What major historical events happened back then?

Dwight Eisenhower was President of the United States, Richard Nixon was Vice President

Political Climate – The Cold War between USA and USSR

Population 160, 184, 192

Life expectancy 68.8 years

Pulitzer Prize – for literature Sir Winston Churchill, for fiction “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway and for drama, “the Picnic” by William Inge

Big movies: Shane, From Here to Eternity, Roman Holiday and The Robe

First successful open heart surgery is performed

Alleged communist, Charlie Chaplin leaves the US and is warned not to come back

Unemployment was 3%

First class stamp $.03

Federal Debt $266 billion

Feb 5th Walt Disney’s “Peter Pan” is released

Feb 28th James D Watson and Francis Clark of the Univ. of Cambridge discover the structure of the DNA molecule

March 1st Stalin suffers a stroke and is replaced by Malenkov as leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

March   17th the 1st nuclear test is conducted in Nevada with over 1,600 spectators

March 19th first televised Academy Awards – Best Picture “Greatest Show on Earth” produced by Cecil de Mille

March 26th Jonas Salk announces polio vaccine

April 13th Ian Fleming publishes his first James Bond novel, “Casino Royale” in the UK

April 17th Mickey Mantle hit a 565 foot home run, believed to be the longest home run in baseball history

May 29th Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal are the first men to reach the top of Mt Everest

June 2nd coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll at Westminster Abbey

July 23rd Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell star in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”

July 27th the Korean War ends

Aug 12th 7.2 magnitude earthquake hits Greece and totally devastates the Ionian Sea islands, their worst national disaster in centuries

Aug 20th Moscow announces explosion of hydrogen bomb

Sept 4th The discovery of REM sleep is published by researchers Eugene Aserinsky and Nathaniel Kleitman

Sept 25th A hurricane in South East Asia kills over 1,000 people

October the first UNIVAC 1103 commercial computer is released

December Hugh Hefner publishes the first Playboy Magazine featuring a centerfold nude of Marilyn Monroe sold 54,175 copies for $.50 each

December 10th Albert Schweitzer is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

December 17th the FCC approves color television and the first color tv goes on sale for about $1,100

Heavy massive rainfall in southwestern Japan kills over 2,500 people and injures nearly 10,000

Famous people turning 60 this year: former Prime Minister of the UK Tony Blair, Dutch born rock musician Alex Van Halen, politician John Edwards, actor Tim Allen, singer Cyndi Lauper, folk singer Nanci Griffith, Tim Gunn of Project Runway, documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, singer and actress Kathie Lee Gifford, comedian Dennis Miller, actress Kim Basinger, and economist Ben Bernanke.


The Year of the Dragon and 2012 ends on the Full Moon of January 27th, the following 2 weeks heralds a time for cleaning house, preparing for the New Year, cleansing Feng Shui cures and crystals under the Full Moon, and setting the stage for the new energies moving in. This is the time for major house cleaning, reorganizing storage space, purging excess, getting small repairs done, clearing dead branches and plantings in the yard, and getting your business in order like paying off debts and collecting on outstanding receivables.

The New Year month of February begins on the 4th but the New Moon is on the 10th, it is up to you when you decide to celebrate. All cures should be in place by the 4th. Notice that the Lo Shu Square, this is the diagram that reveals the Flying Stars of Feng Shui for each year,  shows all the stars are sitting in their original houses denoting that each of the 9 numbers will have supreme influence this year. The Fire 9 sits in the South, the Water 1 in the North, etc.. This means that the best fortune is magnified as is the most malicious. It is for this reason that we must take great heed to activate the right areas of our home and property while not disturbing those areas that are the most volatile.  With the nasty 5 Star sitting in the Center of every home and office, though being in the Center means it is “jailed” and can be more easily contained. Note that countries with the name Central or Middle such as the Middle East, Central Africa, Central America and China will be more likely to feel the wrath of this energy that brings sickness, accidents, destruction, financial ruin and misfortune.

August 8th – September 7th all the stars will be doubled in influence – take heed!

Two things we can be sure of is  that everyone will have some good fortune in 2013 and that there will be less unrest and turmoil in the world. This is a most unique situation!

There are 2 auspicious influences benefitting us all, the Star of the Powerful Mentor and the Star of Brilliant Studies. Those in power will be more compassionate and helpful to those in need, or who are needing guidance. Good news for students, academics, writers, researchers and artisans as this Star of Brilliant Studies brings enjoyment and fulfillment as the quest for knowledge is nurtured and supported. The Year of the Snake 2013 could herald a return to less war and conflict and greater peace and compassion.

The current Cycle we are in 2004 – 2024 is called the Age of 8 and represents a Mountain and young children. Since 2004 we have seen more violence against children. 2008 in China an entire school collapsed in one of the deadliest Earthquakes in history, the contaminated baby formula from China, and the horrific massacre of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We must take heed during this period to ensure the safety of our children worldwide.

Chinese Astrology

Rooster and Ox benefit very well in Snake years. Horses enjoy the “Flower of Romance” with the Snake and much harmony in relationships. The Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Pig will suffer conflict and struggle. The Snake is directly offending the Grand Duke. The Tiger is also in clash causing disharmony, upset, worries and sickness. The Monkey is in Three Penalty position.

Pigs, Monkeys, Tigers and Snakes should carry a talisman that supports and gains harmony in their chart. Pigs can choose a Sheep or Rabbit talisman, for Monkeys, a Rat or Dragon, for Snakes, a Rooster or Ox, and for the Tiger, a Horse or Dog. To weaken the influence of the Snake, a Monkey charm is suggested. My daughter is born in the year of the Tiger and her father is a Dog while I am a Horse so she automatically is protected. Look to people who have a beneficial animal to your chart in either their Day or Year Pillar to spend more time with in 2013. The Pig will directly clash with the Snake but this will motivate travel, moving and changing jobs. Avoid traveling in a South Eastern direction as you offend the Grand Duke.  The clash for the Pig suggests greater chance of being burned, fire, and train, boat or plane accidents.

The Fire Penalty of Monkey, Snake and Tiger when appearing in your 4 Pillars Astrology chart will signify upset, hidden trouble and conflict.

This year it is auspicious to travel North West and West but to avoid going North or South East.

Famous people born in the year of the Snake who will experience a clash are: Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carlos Santana, Kevin Spacey and Winona Ryder. People born on the day of the Pig are Prince William, Winona Ryder, David Bowie, Celine Dion and George Michael. When the conflict is with your Day Pillar it affects your spouse, romantic partner and family.

Those offending the Grand Duke born on the Day or in the Year of the Snake are Bob Dylan, Ben Stiller, Ben Bernanke and Sarah Jessica Parker.

People affected by the Fire Penalty are John Travolta, Madonna, Queen Elizabeth II, and John Nash. They have an increased chance of heart attack, stroke, inflammation and fire disaster.

The Snake is a “Nobleman” for people born in years ending with a 2 or 3. The “Nobleman” is a protective angel who comes to us with goodness and makes life more positive. All children born in 2013 will have this “Nobleman” with them and are bringing angels into the Earthly realm.

The Snake is also the “Academic Star” for those born on a Yang Wood Day. If looking for a good day to have a baby choose a Yang Wood Day in August (Aug 7 – Sept 7), as the Monkey of August brings the “Star of Virtue”.


Astrology of the United States for 2013:

Our country’s current Luck Cycle reveals a time of not connecting well with our allies, a disconnect from parts of the world, loss of income, unstable finances and a weak economy. Education and Faith are also primary focuses and the rise of inspirational figures who have something to teach us. This will change in 2017 when our country will move through a Cycle shift.

2012 Brought a rise in the real estate market, more travel, a stronger economy and growth in the construction industry. But this was a Void year which meant that the pace was slower, it was harder to achieve that success, to get the houses built and to sell product resulting in sluggish progress. In addition it was a tough year to form alliances, mergers went badly and reaching out to others left us empty handed. There was contention, critics and pundits were harsh and in an election year, it couldn’t have gotten uglier. There was harm to our safety and our very democracy was being challenged by extremists. This was not an easy year for the United States.

2013 is another Void that will bring Faith and Education, teachers, inspirational, spiritual and religious leaders into the foreground. During such a transformative time in our evolution, this seems only perfect for our attention to be turned to how our children are learning, how we are supporting the teachers in their work. And also how we nurture our spirits from those standing at the “pulpit” in our lives and knowing it is indeed time for us all to wake up. But will it turn into budget cuts that undermine progress and result in teacher’s strikes? The female archetype will reign more supremely and especially Mothers. Women’s issues and rights will also be brought to the forefront. A call for us to respond to life’s challenges with greater tolerance and compassion for others could be opportunities for us to band together and help one another as in the aftermath of a tragedy. We will see our visionaries, adventurers, autistic adults and rebellious citizens break out with new ideas, concepts and renegade actions. The Snake promises transformation for our nation and we are being called to innovate, create, change, push and become our true, authentic selves ready to take action and stand up for all that we believe in.