Forecast for the Month of the Horse  
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Flying Stars Feng Shui starting June 5
#1 Water Star sails into the Center where the Fiery 9 Star resides this year. It is Fire and Water steaming things up. There is potential for great successes and plans manifesting, dreams coming true…if you planned ahead. Consider placing a single gold ingot or chunk of clear crystal in the center of your home or office along with your 9 Star cure (a vision board and 9 silk purple flowers are suggested for this year).
The Nasty Sick #2 Star is in the NW for June so those who have a bedroom or front door here will want to keep things super quiet with no renovations or loud disturbances. Place a salt water cure or a wu lou by your bed for protection. Email me if you have questions.
The Annual 1 Star is in the NW so this combination may point to lung, intestinal, or digestive ailments to look out for.
#3 Star sits in the West pairing up with the Annual 2 Star. One makes you sick to your stomach and the other is ready to pick a fight. Keep this area quiet and undisturbed. Avoid having meetings or serious conversations in this room as arguments, slander, and hostility could result. or a punch in the gut – Oooph!
#4 Star joins up with the other Wood Star #3 in the North East which results in relationship struggles; disharmony, arguments, gossip, and break ups. Weaken this energy with a splash of Blue.
#5 Star careens into the South and is fueled by the Fire in this direction. The Annual 4 Star cannot weaken the wrath of this most heinous energy. Keep this room quiet with no loud noises. No fires like a grill or fire pit either. A Brass Wu Lou or Salt Water Cure is the best treatment for anyone with a bedroom in the South. There is a greater chance for accidents and injury surrounding loved ones right now so just be mindful and cautious.
#6 Star is in the North with the Annual 5 Star. Geez it seems like the best and worst energies are joining forces this month all over the house! Here we have the 5 Star weakened by both the Metal of the 6 and the Water of the North. Blue is the color to decorate your room with for this year. Drain the swamp!
#7 Star comes to sword fight with the Annual 6 Star bringing the potential for financial challenges. Battles begin here, be mindful of safety and well being. Double check security. Keep the peace.
#8 Star is in the East with the Annual 7 Star which continues this narrative of good and evil playing it out this month like some episode of Star Wars. The 8 Star has so much wealth and career potential for success but may me thwarted by the 7 causing fighting, back stabbing, law suits, and disputes. Not much to do but continue to drain the 7 with Blue which will do nothing for the 8.
#9 Star sits in the South East with the Annual 8 Star. We have a winner! This is THE room along with the Center to spend ample time in for the month of June. I don’t know that I’ve seen many months where the energy has been so at war with itself as it is this month. Take heed.
Fire is your friend here along with bright fun colors and patterns. A beautiful space to hold a party – keep it lively and enjoy the fun.
The energy around us is in constant flux, ebbing and flowing. Learning to move with the energy in your home ensures you side step the worst and engage with the best for a harmonious, healthy, and prosperous life.