When I think of March I think of wind and the feeling like change is pushing itself up and out as in crocuses and daffodils, the budding of trees and the energy it takes to birth a leaf. So this month of the Rabbit hops in and is pretty harmonious with the annual Cow. The Cow has the strength and energy to make things happen and appreciates that Rabbit is calm, appreciative, and willing to go along with Cow’s agenda. In this complementary relationship we can forge into March with a collaborative vibe. Dance the dance of push and pull, lead and follow, observe and appreciate, allow and witness.

The 4 Star is in the Center with the Annual 6 Star. Here we find success in creative endeavors, and exceling in education, and an ability to learn, expand awareness and understanding. A wonderful area of your home and office to have meetings, to study, to teach, and for any creative activities. CURE: Add a BLUE jar filled with pencils and brushes to encourage creativity, or a BLUE glass globe paperweight for good studies. The 4 Star being a Wood element is greatly weakened by the Earthy Center and the Metal 6 so add a splash of BLUE. The

7 Star with the annual 9 Star in the North East which brings an element of danger. The risk here is that gossip, backstabbing, distrust, and financial loss could interfere with plans you are making for the future. This may mean power struggles and slander jeopardize projects you are working on. Therefore, avoid hosting meetings in this area of your home and office. CURE: If this is where your office is, ensure you have a Brass Dragon Cure up high on the left of where you sit for protection. Add a round Metal bowl here to absorb any toxic dysfunctional chi.

The 2 Star moves into the East with the Annual 4. The romance, the creativity, and the positivity of this room has soured and threatens health issues. The 2 Star points to illness related to the digestion, bloating, food poisoning, and stomach flus. Be very mindful if this is an eating area or kitchen that food is fresh. A quieter room this month and truly pull out the images of FIRE since we don’t want to fan the flame of this nasty sickness star. CURE: Focus on the element of Wood with floral designs and shades of green with healthy plants. For a bedroom, definitely use a Wu Lou health gourd to absorb any toxicity to protect health.

The 3 Star is in the South East with the Annual 5 Star. This is the room I have vacated for 2021 and closed the door, pulled down blinds and am keeping dark and unoccupied. The 5 Star is the most volatile of all the Flying Stars and when disturbed by loud sounds or the ground is dug into, all matter of wrath can unfold in your life. It is always best to keep this area QUIET, Dark, and Calm. The 3 Star just adds a cranky, argumentative quality that cautions that violence could break out if conversations get heated. CURE: If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. Continue to focus on the innate energy of this direction with Wood furnishings and the colors green, floral fabrics, and healthy plants (no cacti).

The 8 Star joins the Annual 1 Star in the South brings a boon of wealth to this area of your home or office. Good fortune to have a main entrance or an office here. The Watery 1 Star is weakened by the Fiery nature of the South so the 8 Star comes in and offers another avenue for success and accumulating wealth. CURE: Beautiful lush plants, colors of green, splashes of red and hot pink for March from pillows or curios. A pile of 8 Chinese Coins along with the annual cure of a single Gold Ingot on a blue plate or fabric will invigorate abundance.

The 1 Star is in the South West with the Annual 3 Star. Both of these stars are weakened by the Earthy nature of the SW. The 1 Star bodes success and good fortune but needs support in the SW. The 3 Star is Wood and in a position of controlling the SW. This is a disharmonious, argumentative, hot headed chi that can wreak havoc on relationships, especially romantic ones and also with our mothers. CURE: The annual cure is a Red Happy Hotei and this month adding healthy plants that bloom Blue and/or white is beneficial.

The 6 Star is in the West where the Annual 8 Star is visiting. BEST ROOM of the month to keep active with bright lights, windows open to let in the sun, and using this room or entrance as much as possible. CURE: 8 Yellow silk flowers along with 8 Chinese coins is the annual cure. Focus on Earth and Metal colors and materials to support these energies.

The 5 Star is in the North West with the Annual 7 Star. This is like surgery, bad injuries with sharp objects, and also bankruptcy or grave financial loss, as well as slander that wrecks your standing. Be really mindful to NOT DISTURB this room with any loud noises, digging, or banging. Dark, quiet, and undisturbed is the best way to avoid the negativity. CURE: BLUE drains the 7 Star, not water but the color blue. If a Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets. If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. A round Metal bowl is useful this month as well.

The 9 Star in the North with the Annual 2 Star. The happy good fortune of the 9 Star is lost here as this is Fire battling Watery North and add to that the Sickness 2 Star which is also weakened by the Water finds fuel from the Fire of the 9. CURE: If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. Metal and Water are the elements to focus on with colors of Blue and White. Healthy plants add harmony as it mitigates the clash of Fire and Water with the 9 Star. Keep this area quiet with no disruptions.