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 Lydia Nitya Griffith -  Feng Shui Consultant and Master BaaZi Chinese Astrologer

Our founder, Lydia Nitya Griffith has been a Feng Shui Consultant and Master BaaZi Chinese Astrologer since 2002.

Over the course of this journey, Lydia Nitya has developed an intuitive voice with each chart that speaks through her, guiding her in telling the story of your life through the 4 Pillars. As your chart reveals so much about familial relationships, health, your personality and your own life, it can serve as an incredible tool for navigating through your days with greater awareness, acceptance, and understanding. 

Lydia Nitya intuits this same inner voice when she is in someone’s home for a consultation. In fact, she never forgets a home she has been in and can “see” into your home as if she were there. For that reason, virtual consults can still be very effective. Lydia Nitya goes room by room analyzing what is there, what is working, and what needs to change. The goal is always to find better balance, harmony and flow of chi so your life is as vibrant, abundant and healthy as it deserves to be.

Lydia Nitya has worked with world recognized teachers such as Lillian Too, Dr. Paul Yan, and Peter Leung. 


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