This is amazing! Thank you so much! It’s almost like a handbook! I was completely overwhelmed (in a good way) last night, but I am going to tackle it a little bit at a time and get everything in order! I’m really excited and, as I said when we met, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way!

Can’t wait for the astrology report now!

Thank you so much, again!

– Melissa, a Feng Shui client

I highly recommend this camp, Nitya is absolutely wonderful!

– Carole W.

Thanks so much for creating the weekend yoga retreat. I learned so much this weekend and had an amazing time. I could listen to you sing, chant, and read poetry ALL DAY!!

– Katey, Richmond, VA

She was delighted to share that the entire 3rd grade was in a Minds in Motion performance at the Altria Theater. Backstage they all got the jitters and were very nervous and anxious about going on stage to perform. Mrs. Mitchell said she witnessed the classes on their own start their mindful breathing exercise on their own and were able to find calm confidence to do their best performance.

– Parent of Mrs. Mitchell’s student

Our daughter loved being at the summer camp and learning lots of new things, it was so worth it. Going to Yogaville for a program walks in the park, she talked about it all. Great place!

– Brooke S.  

My daughter loves the summer camp program and I love that she carries the skills of yoga and mindfulness with her in her day-to-day!

– Amanda J  

Nitya’s summer camps are the best! She makes it so easy for the parents, and the kids love them. I’m definitely going again next year.

– Mark L

Her daughter was going in for surgery and was quite stressed out and anxious. When they were on the way to the hospital she suggested her daughter use her yoga breathing. She began to slowly breathe in as she squeezed her hands and exhaled long slow breaths. She did this exercise several times that morning. By the time she was being prepped for surgery, she was calm and at ease.

– Clare V.

You are AMAZING and AWESOME!!!! You have a very special place in my heart and I have such respect and admiration for/towards you.  I also say that Nitya doesn’t walk you float.  You float over the ground.  I think of you as one of my gurus.  You have opened my heart, mind, and soul.

Feng Shui Consultation with Farah A. of Swift Creek


I hope that you do not mind me contacting you but I wanted to let you know how much your class has impacted my life.  I came to your class on Wednesday evenings at ACAC around a year ago a complete yoga novice and frankly very intimidated, however, my best friend who had attended your class a few times had recommended it highly.  After 1 class I understood why.  Though I was not able to attend as often and regularly as I would have liked I thoroughly enjoyed each time I was there.

One of the most impactful things that I took from this class is a renewed concentration on my breath.  There have been several times that I have attended and realized immediately during the breathing exercise that I had not really breathed in a while.  Now I make a point to each day to stop and take a few deep cleansing breathes it makes a world of difference.  Additionally, the meditation and the ending meditation has been profound. I have always had real difficulty with meditation, and while I still struggle with it, I have made progress and I find myself so much calmer.  As a teacher of kids with high functioning autism, I have also helped my kiddos take time to breathe.

Lastly and quite emotionally your presence and spirit helped me process the grief that I am carrying for the death of both of my parents.  My mom died 3 years ago and it is a pain that is still very deep and fresh, but I have a hard time accessing because of the busyness of my life.  As well my father passed away 3 months ago rather unexpectedly.  The pain is very harsh and palpable, but something about your chants, the breathing, the music, the quiet I am able to just deal with it.  As a mom I often have to put my grief on hold, especially since we have just adopted a young 10-year-old from foster care, and we are deep in the throes of transition and adjustment.  I appreciate this time when I can get it and if I can’t make it to your class in person, I appreciate the skills I have learned from that class.  You will definitely be missed at ACAC but I hope that  I can attend your other classes sometimes.  Either way, your gift has impacted me for the long term.

Continue to use your gift well and spread your spirit.  We need more people like you.

– Joy, Richmond VA

You are truly a Buddha in this world. And what you offer our children is priceless and much needed in this world.

– Jacqui, Richmond VA

I loved being in your class. You are so authentic and organic in the way you approach your class and each of your students. You knew us all so well and I think you reached each of us so well.

I have checked all the right boxes showing that you delivered an incredible example of a class that met and exceeded all participants’ needs and wants. It was fabulous to be a part of and I can always use some more Nitya in my life! You knew your students and had each of us in mind as we went through the class – I so enjoyed it!!!

– A Yoga Teacher Trainee observing a class for her qualification – Debbie

I woke up a little before 5:30 today and thought of you, wished for your singing me awake, and thought of all of the opportunities for growth you made possible. Thank you so much.

– Susan who attended a women’s retreat with Nitya

So yesterday I had three meetings at work, none of which I ran. But in each meeting I was compelled to offer dissenting opinions about some items that were potentially contentious. Won’t go into details, but in each case I felt like I presented my thoughts well, didn’t get emotional (even though in two situations the other person started to display defensive behavior), I listened to counter positions, considered where  compromises could work, and in some ways gave in on a few options after better understanding the situation, and stood my ground on others. Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this to you is that yesterday was a bit of a stressful day, and I contribute much of my even-headedness to years of yoga with you. 🙂 It helps me practice patience and considerateness towards others while not bending over like a limp flower.

I started yesterday with a little bit of dread, knowing I’d have these encounters, and ended the day feeling pleased with myself for mentally and emotionally slowing down in order to better communicate and engage during these meetings. And since we are near Thanksgiving, I wanted to give a shout out to you in thanks for helping me build these skills.

– Elizabeth, a student of Nitya’s for over 10 years