The eating like a yogi week focuses on where our food comes from. One of the most critical topics of our time is the future safety and preservation of a natural,organic, GMO-free, local food source separate from big agri-bus. and Monsanto. During our week we will take a hike to identify edible plants, and another hike into Carytown where we’ll explore Kroger and Ellwood Thompson’s to educate on what is food, where it comes from and how it it is healthy or unhealthy. Then a local farmer will come to camp and share with them the importance and benefits of eating local food.
The 10 – 14 year olds will have a couple sessions with an ayurvedic expert and go over their doshas.
All of our meals at yoga camp support local VA farmers with produce purchased at the Forest Hill Farmer’s market and Farm 2 Family. We also look for other locally made foods – both Whole Foods and Ellwood Thompson’s label local food items.
We will  learn how to cook some fun meals like veggie sushi, homemade hummus, gluten free crackers, super food smoothies and more!
July 22 – 26th Check the website for details and the enroll.