One of our most favorite field trips for the past 7 years of yoga camp is our annual adventure to Yogaville. Nestled in the rural rolling landscape of Buckingham County, Yogaville offers a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the James River and a taste of heaven on Earth. This week of camp we will build our yoga tool box on Monday – this box is filled with all the essential teachings yoga offers: The time is always Now, Wherever you go there you are, take deep Breaths, when you’re agitated let your emotions calm down with meditation, the benefits of journaling your thoughts, Love yourself the way you are, and you have a Choice to either do something or let it go. ¬†Each of these lessons is attached to a craft or activity that is put in their tool box.

We’ll discuss the yoga diet in relation to vegetarianism and animal suffering. This is an open minded discussion with no right or wrong answers. It’s great to be empowered by curiosity, to make compassionate choices and informed decisions.

Tuesday July 16th we will eat dinner at camp, then head off to Yogaville to set up camp before sunset. Wednesday we will enjoy a full day of hiking, hatha yoga, eating fabulous food, taking a Laughing Yoga class, touring the LOTUS shrine and more. Thursday we will arrive back in Richmond in time for lunch and our weekly afternoon swim.

It’s a full week of adventure and exploring yoga on a deeper level – join us!

This camp is geared towards kids who are comfortable being away from home, ages 6 – 14 – the price is higher to cover travel expenses.