Macro to Micro

Let’s begin with where in your home you can set up a sacred altar or space for meditation. Using the directions, you can layer these for greater benefit. For instance, you can sit in the South East corner of your home for prosperity and then face South for expansion and motivation.

You want to select a room that is not your bedroom, like a vacant guest room is fine, and is not a common area where you are likely to be disturbed like the kitchen or family room.

You can even clear out half of a closet to create a secret cove to oasis into.

Get creative with using a Chinese screen to divide off part of a room.

Ideally there is natural light from a window or skylight, a healthy plant or two, a low table to put some sacred objects such as incense to purify the chi, a candle to illuminate the mind, journal for self-introspection, crystals for grounding and activating specific chakras, a bowl of water for serenity and reflection, statues of gods or goddesses, images of people who inspire you, mala or rosary beads, and other treasures for inspiration.

Make sure the area is kept clean and undisturbed with noise or interruptions.

Schedule a minimum of 15 min. every day at the same time for this practice.

Start with calm mindful breathing.

Sound OM several times to connect with Self and Spirit/God.

Close eyes and use one of many meditation techniques:

Mala or rosary beads where you say a mantra like Om Shanti (great peace) or a word/words like Love/ I am Love, or an affirmation like All is well/ I am that I am or So Ham. After each mantra said you move from bead to bead and when you reach the end of the strand, turn it around and go back. Don’t cross over that tassel bead.

Breath is the simplest as you inhale touching a bead and, on the exhale, move to the next.

Candle Gazing where you focus on a candle flame, soften your eyes so the flame is a bit out of focus and rest the eyes there, mindful of the breath and letting your thoughts float away.

Image Gazing like a Yantra in which you stare at the center of the Yantra which is typically a red dot and let the gaze soften and keeping the focus there while mindfully breathing.

Chanting is where you are singing a mantra like Om Shanti, or something other sacred song over and over like a drone until the mind is only those sung words and the breath is even and calm.

You can use your BaZi Chinese Astrology to divine the ideal practice and location for you to feel the most supported and to gain the benefits you most need.

Set a timer or use a meditation app like Insight Timer (Nitya Griffith is a teacher).

Then as the practice ends, pause and mindfully breathe as you sit with your refreshed state of being. Recognize your Self there. Enjoy the now moment.

Now journal and let the words and emotions and thoughts flow. You may make a simple list, maybe its a stream of conscious series of sentences, maybe it’s a narrative like how you’d talk to a therapist or a trusted friend.

When you finish journaling pause to mindfully breathe.

Give thanks for the practice at the end.  

East – (WOOD – Green) Activation, Inspiration, Optimism, Growth, Enlightenment, Health, Family

South East – (WOOD – Green) Prosperity, Abundance, Growth, Manifesting

South – (FIRE – Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Orange) Expansion, Intuition, Trust, Abundance, Vitality, Passion, Motivation, Reputation, Recognition

South West – (EARTH – Yellow, Tan, Cream, Brown, Rust) Relationship, Mother, Feminine, Union of Love

West – (Metal – Silver, Gold, White, Gray) Completion, Transformation, Creativity, Manifestation, Transition, Withdrawal, Release, Purification, Children

North West – (Metal – Silver, Gold, White, Gray) Mentors, Helpful Friends, Angels, Guides

North – (WATER – Blues and Black) Consolidation, Introspection, Meditation, Renewal, Wisdom, Reflection, Inner Guidance, Career.

North East (EARTH – Yellow, Tan, Cream, Brown, Rust) Knowledge, Scholarly Achievement, Wisdom, Father, Masculine

CENTER – Focus, Unity, Completeness, Wholeness