As a child on a Spiritual Path we first stand at the Roots of the Jewel Tree.

We look up in Wonder and that is the moment of Realization. We suddenly see beyond our limited reality.

We begin to climb and discover the first easily accessible branches.

These are the first Teachers we encounter who Awaken us to the Unknown; friends, family, a minister, a rabbi, an author, a political figure, a school teacher. We play on these branches with the innocence of the Fool. Some of us so enjoy this place that we contentedly rest here for the rest of our lives. Others continue to look, wonder, question, and explore. As we open ourselves to the answers new Teachers arrive. Perhaps discovered through a recommended book, a lecture a friend insists we go to or maybe through a major event that profoundly propels us forward as if leaping into the arms of an unknown figure but something in us inherently Trusts.

So we climb more branches of the Jewel Tree and here we discover lamas, monks, clergy, and other devout religious figures. We study their Teachings. We take up a ritual or practice such as chanting, meditation, prayer, joining a church or sangha.

Then, again, after we have rested here a while we go through the same process but now it seems easier to look further.

Seeing all the shimmering jewels around us; so much Wisdom, Joy, Love and Peace that uplift our hearts and our Soul longs for Enlightenment.

This time we Know that there is no need for climbing, for the rest of the Tree will open up by our simply being Still and Allowing that Space to open up inside of us. Expanding this View we discover the intense Light of Buddha’s, Bodhisattvas, and other Enlightened masters.

We welcome them into our practice, into our Spirit, into our lives.

Resting now in the heart of the Jewel Tree we can Surrender to the Dharma supported by our first Teachers, Inspired by our current growing practice and sangha, and uplifted by the Light and Truth of all those Enlightened ones.

No wind, no storm, no act of man, beast or nature can sway you from your perch. This is the place where the Spiritual Journey ends and the Path truly begins.

Kharma Klips 1/12/2006