February 12, 2021 – January 31,2022

The beginning of the Yin Metal Ox or White Cow year is the New Moon on February 12th. According to the Chinese calendar this is the 4706th year. The actual first day of the New Year is the beginning of the Tiger month, the first day of spring on the 4th of February. So, when a child is born in January or early February, they may or may not be a child of the Ox, but rather a child of the Year of the Rat.

January is the month to prepare for the New Year with little debt, wrapping up unfinished business, and getting your affairs in order which includes setting clear intentions. This is my favorite time of year when your home gets refreshed to welcome in the shifting energies of the New Year. Living by the Asian Moon calendar is living by the ancient Taoist rhythm of ebb and flow of chi. This is how we find our way in life; knowing when to step forward and when to hold back, when to speak and when to be silent, when to act and when to be still.

Every home, office, building and personal astrology is directly impacted by these constant changes. To be ignorant of this is to walk blindly in the dark, a victim of circumstance, but, to have awareness is to have power and more advantageous choices.

So let’s get ready to leave 2020 and enter the new energy of 2021.

Prepare for the New Year: 

Imagine you have a very special guest visiting your home and this special guest will see any mess, clutter, or filthiness as an insult and you will suffer the consequences. Best then to get into a major cleaning, de-cluttering, and implementing improvements inside and outside to be ready to receive your new guest, the White Cow.

The FULL MOON January 28th officially ends the YEAR OF THE RAT

In the 2 weeks that follow leading up to the New Moon when we usher in the Ox, we have this beautiful space open for preparing.

1)   DE-CLUTTER every room, attic, closet, garage, and storage area. Make donations of books, clothes, and other reusable items to charity. Go room by room and try to be objective. Ask yourself if what you are looking at brings you joy, is useful, and is truly necessary and needed. Remove things that are worn out, falling apart, not essential, an obstruction, or is blocking flow of a room.

2)   CLEAN – The kind of cleaning that involves pulling the bed away from the wall and other furniture so you can vacuum behind and underneath. Lift up and sweep under rugs, under the beds, dust the tops of ceiling fans and other fixtures.

3)   Outside make a list of any repairs needing to be done such as dead limbs or bushes, peeling paint, broken windows, etc.

4)   Open all the windows to let the stale air out, burn incense or sage. Change the filter in your house and also water system.

3)   MOON BATH on the Full Moon of the 28th of January put your crystals outside along with Feng Shui cures like Buddha statues, brass dragons, ducks, pagoda, fu dogs, wu lou health gourds, etc.

Toss out the ba-gua mirrors, salt water cures, and coins as they accumulate way too much negative chi. (I use old coin strands on the Christmas tree or you can throw them into a fountain with wishes for blessings)

The next day bring your crystals and cures inside. Make sure you have a clean sink and work area free of dirt or clutter. Then sprinkle sea salt over everything while chanting a sacred song or prayer to bless and recharge, releasing all past toxins and ushering in new chi. Finally rinse your crystals and cures with water while still chanting or saying your prayers. Leave on a clean towel to dry.

Cures are Placed By Thursday 4th of February 2020

Once the house is tidy, place your cures according to the information given in the Flying Stars Blog. If you have extra cures not being used, store them in a special box for another year.

Normally I would delight in the biggest party of the year, the one I invite everyone I know and pack my house with wonderful friends. Normally we would all bring a vegetarian Asian dish and the sake would pour hot into cups all night long. This is not a normal year, though, or rather, not a normal time. Since last Chinese New Year we have been impacted by a pandemic that has ravaged our world and our lives. So, no party this year. Have a private celebration that is maybe more personal and spiritual while invoking some of the traditions like auspicious oranges, dumplings, and candies. Shoot fireworks to scare off all negative influences hovering about. Hang red papers on your front door or red lantern lights in your windows. February 27th is the Full Moon and the Lantern Festival Day when the New Year festivities come to an end with a grand parade in China Towns all over the world. Eating sweet rice balls and dumplings is fortuitous on that day.

The Last Metal Ox Year was 60 years ago 1961:

Here are some major, notable events that took place in 1961. This can give us a peak into the vibe we might experience in 2021.

  • John F Kennedy was sworn in as President, Richard Nixon was VP
  • Alan Shephard was the first American astronaut to make a space flight
  • John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps
  • The Berlin Wall was being built
  • IBM introduced the golf ball typewriter
  • Pampers disposable diapers were first sold
  • Freedom Riders challenged the Supreme Court
  • Bay of Pigs when US tried to overthrow Castro in Cuba
  • UN General Assembly condemns Apartheid
  • The USA Cold War with USSR worsened
  • This was the time when Americans were building fall out shelters in fear of a nuclear war with Russia
  • Top songs were Chubby Checker’s “Pony Time” and the Shirelle’s “Will You Love Me Tonight”
  • Top movies were “Parent Trap”, “101 Dalmations”, “The Absent Minded Professor”, Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “The Hustler”, and “West Side Story”
  • What was on TV – “Bonanza”, “Wagon Train”, “Candid Camera”, “Andy Griffith Show”, “My Three Sons”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Mister Ed”, and “Perry Mason”
  •  The World Wildlife Fund was established
  • Amnesty International was established
  • Somalia experienced widespread flooding leaving hundreds of thousands homeless
  • South Africa became an independent republic
  • US becomes more actively engaged in the Vietnam War
  • First on-flight movie aired on TWA   
  • Niagra Falls starts to produce hydroelectric power

In 1961:        

The average cost of a new home was $12,500 (it is now $320,000 – a 39% increase)

The average annual income was $5,315 (it is now $61,937 – just an 8% increase)

Minimum wage was $1.25 (it is now $7.25 – a shameful 17% increase)

Cost of gas 27 cents a gallon

New car was about $2,850

A dozen eggs was 30 cents

A 1961 $1 in 2021 is valued at $8.70 now

World Population in 1961 was approx.. 4 billion – today it is 7.8 billion

Famous People Born in 1961:

Barack Obama

Princess Diana

Eddie Murphy

George Lopez

Boy George

Wayne Gretzky

Nadia Comaneci

George Clooney

Lawrence Fishburne

Woody Harrelson

Wynton Marsalis


Famous People Who Died in 1961:

Ernest Hemingway

Carl Jung

Gary Cooper

Ty Cobb

Edith Wilson, former First Lady of the US

Dashiell Hammett

Chico Marx

Eero Saarinen

James Thurber

Grandma Moses

If you go back further 120 years to 1901 we find a few interesting facts like Pablo Picasso, just 19 years old, held his first art exhibition in Paris, there was an assassination attempt on President McKinley, a fire burned down about 1,700 buildings in Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte Maxeke was the first native African to graduate from a US college, Cadillac car company was established, the vacuum cleaner was first manufactured, and construction began on the New York Stock Exchange.

Year of the Ox – 2nd Animal in the Chinese Zodiac – Xin Chou

Xin Chou, Yin Metal branch sits atop the Ox which is Yin Earth with a little Yin Water and Metal tucked inside. This is all very feminine energy, it’s comforting like warm milk from a cow.  Yin is dark, moist, nurturing, passive, quiet, and submissive.

Metal is nourished by Earth and the presence of Metal atop encourages the Metal hidden in the Ox to be active.  

Yin Metal is jewelry, gems, glitter, knives, small weapons or tools.

Ox as Yin Earth is sand, desert, or beaches with a little water and a little sparkle of gemstones.

This is the dutiful laborer, the person who tows the line and gets the job done with dedicated service to the cause whether for the family or in the community or on the job. This is someone with an incredible work ethic.

The personality of Ox people describes them as the hardest working, most responsible and industrious of all the Zodiac. They are traditionalists, principled, and devoted. These people are incredibly strong and can put that strength to the test over long periods of time. Oxen also appreciate the beauty of life and indulge their senses in good food, fine wines, fragrant flowers, and taking in the view. Oxen can also be bossy, stubborn, intolerant, complacent, depressed, and proud. Oxen are represented by the direction North East, the month of January, the element of Yin Earth like the beach or desert, the season of Late Winter, and are the hours of 1:00 – 3:00 am.

Xin or Yin Metal qualities in a person who has this Branch in their Day or Year are artistic, delicate, self-respecting, and diverse. Yin Metal represents jewels, shiny things, glitter, and so these are elegant, glamorous, and beautiful people.

We began this 12 year cycle with the Yang Metal Rat of 2020. This was a year that had us looking at both our finances and how we connect socially with others in a dramatic, traumatic, and polarized way. Did any of us see this coming? Sometimes the energy of the year turns itself into a challenge rather than an opportunity. For instance, the Rat typically signals a time for gathering with people, of making connections, and socializing more. That was reversed this year and instead we were incredibly challenged to look at how we can find innovative ways to connect, new ways to be with others, and the reliance on virtual platforms to make work and school, and other meetings/ events happen. What was revealed was that we are resilient and inherently inventive. The Rat also was about what we accumulate, including and especially wealth. That was so challenged this year. The fallout will surely be felt for years to come as we recover from this recession induced by Covid-19. 2020 Golden Rat was the start of a New Cycle since it is the 1st animal of the Chinese Zodiac. No one could have imagined the year we just survived, What I wrote about the Rat last year is chilling now to read – “In many ways we are starting over. Let that sink in. In many ways you are starting over. In many ways we as a nation are starting over. Meditate on that for a moment, or for the next 12 months.” Add to this that in Western Astrology we moved into a more Aquarius driven place that leads us into a year 2021 that is slated to be more innovative, progressive, liberating, and alternative.

So where do we go from here?

You ready?

The Ox is a message loud and clear that hard work lies ahead for 2021. A year focused on employment recovery, on how we do our jobs, and what work is available to us. Innovation and ingenuity will be a necessity as we create new opportunities. This is not a year for big investments and launching massive projects. This is a year for plodding slowly and mindfully forward with gratitude for the small victories, and progress that comes after dedicated focus and energy is put forth. Cheaters, liars, and any unethical behavior will meet with retribution.

The Ox is also a message for tradition, being more conscientious, and ethical.

Take in the beauty of the world by getting out into nature, eating the good foods of the earth, and enjoying the cultural events happening in your community. This is not beauty that comes from consumerism as in buying more stuff bur maybe looking with greater appreciation and admiration at what you already have.

With tradition we also look to family and conformity to long held ancestral views or customs. When we look at traditions we also look at progressive views and new found methods that conflict when the old and new collide. No doubt, the polarization and moral civil war will continue into 2021. Will a new administration begin to assuage those tensions?

Xin Metal, Yin in nature points to the Western Zodiac sign of Venus and the season of Autumn which is typically dry, drought like weather BUT the hidden Water within the Ox can point to sudden and dramatic flooding. The Year of the Rat 2020 brought polarized weather of historic wildfires and incredible rainfall. 2021 is a harvest year, again, the signal that hard work, effort that is constant and collaborative is required.

In the body Metal is related to the lungs, and the Yin Earth of the Ox is our immune systems. So the pandemic is likely to be an ongoing crisis into 2021. Perhaps not as intensely affecting our lives but still the guiding force in our world. When do we all get the vaccine that protects our immune systems and our lungs from infection? Are we going to be masked and socially distanced into 2022? Let go of the word “back” as in going back to…There is only forward because where we arrive after this pandemic is a new world. 2 years in isolation for many people is going to change behaviors, and it is changing who we are. We should not strive to go back to the Rat race, but rather slowly, mindfully, plod forward and see what this New Year has to teach us about not living an overscheduled, over demanding, over the top existence…that, I hope, is over.

The Yin Metal on top of Earth is like a car or train or truck on the road so a greater chance for travel accidents in 2021 cautions us to be very mindful. Not only accidents but violent uprisings, continued protests and this moral war in the USA will persist. Expect more landslides, earthquakes, and natural disasters, along with this pandemic to plague our world.

Politically it will be a challenged and conflicted year for Donald Trump as he is born in the Year of the Dog and Day of the Sheep with an Ox Luck Cycle now aggravated further by this annual year of the Ox. Enemies are at his door. President-Elect Joe Biden also has an unfavorable year ahead but will see rise up into 2022 with greater successes. 

World View and Financial Outlook for 2021:

Since Fire rules Metal, those industries will do well: energy, electricity, restaurants, famous chefs, the arts, and entertainment.  

Earth industries will do well too: real estate, development, healthcare industry, insurance, yoga, computer software, and technology.

Metal related industries will be seeing more activity but too much competition to see financial return: banking, cars, engineering, and machinery. Just look now at all the people unable to pay their mortgages or rent.

Water and Wood industries will suffer this year: shipping, transportation, communication, media, publishing, the environment, forestry, and agriculture.

Fire is happiness and optimism (2013 and 2017) which leads to a good economy. The 2018 Year of the Earth Dog buried that bone of prosperity with lackluster results in the overall economy. 2019 essentially snuffed out the Fire as the pessimistic attitude of Water moved in with fear and emotions agitated. Water continued in 2020 with the emotion of fear gripping our world. We won’t feel the warmth and glow of Fire again until 2025 the Year of the Snake.

We are looking at several more years of economic decline but not ALL industries will be effected. It is a bleak 2021 for finances and a time for exercising great caution with investing, with spending,  and to realize that the economic impact of this pandemic has only begun to be felt worldwide.

Think of 2021 like a rainy cold day in January. We will have to work hard to make our own happy, to motivate our own focus and mood to be more optimistic.

Zodiac Animals Compatible and Discordant with the Ox:

Oxen are harmonious with Rat, Snake and Rooster

Anyone born on the Day or in the Year of these animals will find more harmony and accord in their life in 2021. To have a full analysis of your forecast it is advised to have a Chinese BaZi Astrology chart done by Lydia Nitya Griffith.

Oxen do not get along with Dogs or Sheep. In fact if you have multiple Earth animals in your chart like Sheep, Ox, Dog or Dragon, the 4 Graves, you could be looking at a full on attack most likely stemming from intense family situations but can also signal cancer, relationship stress, worrying, and legal woes. You can tell by which animal is in which part of your chart as to what people in your family you may be in conflict with. It is okay to move, travel, or change jobs but be very mindful not to engage in risky activities or reckless actions like traveling in a North Easterly direction. This Conflict can suggest massive change, accidents, and upset. DO NOT travel North East and keep a RAT talisman with you for protection.

Born on the Day or Year of the Ox means you are offending the guest of honor, like showing up to a gala wearing the same gown as the hostess. No good. And this Ox Ox confrontation brings to your life disharmony, frustration, and irritation as well as illnesses related to the immune system. It is also stress related sickness like depression, anxiety, or the nervous system taking a hit. Yoga, meditation, time in nature, and other healthy ways to self-care are greatly needed.  Bonus – IF you display the image of Tai Shui in your home in the NE, and even better to carry a talisman of the Tai Shui, you can gain great benefit from the annual visiting Ox in conjunction with your own Ox.

If you have an Ox, Pig, and Rat in your 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology a surge of Water enters your forecast for 2021 in a Full Seasonal Water Trio – depending on your chart, this may have a positive or negative impact but either way it will be felt. Even if you just have part of this influence Water will be influencing some aspect of your chart/life.

If you have an Ox, Rooster, and Snake in your 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology a surge of Metal enters your forecast for 2021 in a Full Metal Trio – depending on your chart, this may have a positive or negative impact but either way it will be felt. Even if you just have part of this influence Metal will be influencing some aspect of your chart/ life.

If you are born in the Year or Day with a Yang Wood, Yang Earth or Yang Metal Stem, the Ox offers the Nobleman Star to you – like 1954, 1958, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1970, 1974, 1978, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2014, and 2018. The Nobleman sends Angels of protection, support and comfort. This is a Divine Blessing ensuring 2021 will be one of greater ease, opening the way for progress and developing new projects.