Breath, inhaled runs like ice through my veins

Breath, a cloud wordless hovering outside my mouth

Breath, prana, life force, we collectively are one


Each day a new sun, each sky blooms with stars and clouds, each night a new moon

Each day a blessing – Each moment a gift – Each breath we are breathing breathes us further into this


Breath, captured in a sudden emotional gasp

Breath, exhaled like a kite stringed sigh

Breath, a beginning and ending repeated as if without end

Grateful, we pause

Grateful, we are aware

Grateful, we embrace

This gift, most precious – right there, in here within us each and all


Cupped, contained in a long sequence of exquisite breaths

Billions of them rolling like a blanket of stars over the Universe of our karmic journey

I am grateful for every one, every



By, Lydia Nitya Griffith

copyright 2014