Wednesday January 31st offers us a rare Blue Moon, the second Full Moon of the month and it appear reddish orange, a Blood Moon, plus a full Lunar Eclipse. BUT this is not all this powerful event offers, it is also the full moon that marks the end of the Year of the Rooster. I cannot wait to see what the old bird kicks up in the barnyard on her way out. For this most assuredly was a year of the female voice being heard. Who crowed loudest? Women did (ignore the headlines attempting to distract you with one name dominating the news). Who woke up to the Rooster’s crow? We all did, for better or worse. Women spoke, men resigned, and a shift began to happen. It seemed as if Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes was the rally cry and if women weren’t fired up yet, they were after that night.┬áMarianne Williamson writes, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.”

And so we rise. We rise up as women ready to confidently, bravely step into our collective LIGHT of this new day that has dawned in the year of the Rooster to climb the mountain before us to seek Justice. This is 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog. This energy moving in is a virtual mountain, it is up to you as to how rigorous the climb is, whether you need to prepare some aspect of your life or your Self for this endeavor, and it will require us all to be strong. The simplest of yoga poses, Tadaasana Mountain Pose, is to stand with feet on the ground, arms along the side of your body with palms facing out, to close your eyes and feel a mountain of strength rising within you. What does it mean for you to be strong?

The Dog also has a voice, an even louder one some may say than the Rooster. The Dog’s bark, though, isn’t to wake us up, but to warn us of danger. Listen carefully then. What is being said? Discern the Truth. The Dog Year will demand JUSTICE. How do you envision that manifesting in our world, in our work, in our homes and with ourselves? Some synonyms of justice are constitutionality, TRUTH, correction, law, due process, and INTEGRITY.

In Yoga is is Satya that teaches us to be truthful, honest in our words, thoughts, and actions. How are you honest with yourself? Do you face your own mirror with honesty? This is the year to root out falsehoods within our selves, in our friendships, in our work interactions, and in all ways. For truly if there is truth then there is justice.

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