Most of us can say the last couple years were lost years. Time has stood still and moved us all at the same time. That tension felt in the dualism of both what was happening and what we were resisting. This photo from pre-pandemic days when I was doing the amazing work of mindfulness yoga programs in schools. Heart tugs as I feel all the feels. As I look over the landscape of this time, battle torn and weary we soldier on. The first school where I taught these yoga programs was Fox Elementary School. I still had a wagon full of yoga mats waiting for the day I would return. Left it there on my last day March 16, 2020 never realizing I would never enter that 110 year old building again. To the shock of this community, it burned down February 11th. Great blessing that it happened when the school was empty. Standing there hugging one of the teachers as we looked at the scarred, charred remains, as we wept for all, all that has been lost. We feel all the feels.

As I mourn the loss of my mother from this world, as I seek again to find my orientation in a world that feels very much turned upside down, I pause. I am here with you, sitting here feeling all the feels. It is no easy task to get through a day, to pay attention to all that is coming at you, demanding your attention and interest. Yet, it is time, my friends, I feel this in my bones to LIVE anew! I look out from this day and see CommUnity Yoga Preschool opening this fall, to Spring Break and Summer Yoga Camps full of children to inspire, educate, and play with in the most imaginative, fun, and enlightened way possible, and I look to teach yoga again and be in this community I so love offering these practices that can heal us all as we feel all the feels…as we feel all the feels together.

Welcome to the potential of Spring, the seed germinated, sprouted, pushing through the darkness to the light of the sun in which it is activated to grow, expand, and reach its full potential. Be that, be the seed transforming itself, yourself, into the radiance of what you have always been. Feel all the feels of what that potential feels like, that urge to move, to expand, and to become. Feel it, surrender to that motivation, and recognize that in that surrender you are free to become your Self. Feel all the feels and smile through these tears.