It was back in September of 2012, my daughter was attending Sabot at Stony Point and in 7th grade. After I dropped her off for school I would spend many mornings for about a month parked on the campus grounds to write what would become A Child’s Journey into Yoga. It was effortless, as if the pencil had a life of its own, as if the words were coming to me from Sri Swami Satchidananda himself. At times I wept with the beauty and power of what I was creating. There were many people involved in its final creation, lessons learned, and my own life’s stuff that brought me, nearly two years later, to it’s final birthing. It was during the initial edit process with Emmy Award winner Roberta Oster Sachs that we decided to produce a Yoga with Nitya DVD before releasing the book. In the end, who knows which should have come first, the book or the DVD. Ultimately, so much of what we do and can accomplish comes down to money. It was in creating my own publishing company, The Arrival Media LLC, with published writer and editor Ian Wesley that made all of this possible to manifest right now at a fraction of the cost had I gone with another publishing company. I am truly humbled and grateful. Ian has designed this book to be a beautiful work of art. More than a story that reflects and instills the core philosophy of yoga, it is one of those books that becomes a classic, gracing the shelves of young and old.

I am thrilled to announce the Release Party!!
Please join me at Unity of Richmond
Friday July 18th from 4 -6
For a reading, book signing, family yoga activities, and light refreshments.