Let’s starts with where the USA is in its Bazi Astrology: As of 2017 the United States is in a Luck Cycle ruled by the Earth Sheep. From 2017 – 2026 The United States will be re-branding itself, finding a new identity, reshaping who we are and how we govern.  This is a period marked by self-centeredness, with a stronger emphasis on nationalism rather than a global perspective. Nonetheless, it is imperative that we foster communication, connectivity, form alliances, cooperate, and collaborate on various levels – from personal lives and communities to states, nations, and the entire world.

This period is characterized by a prevailing sense of confidence, decisiveness, independence, and the ability to attract the right people. In an individual’s astrological chart, this positivity draws supportive individuals around them. However, on a national scale, it’s more about the collective consciousness attracting what it is focused on. Therefore, it’s essential for everyone to make a choice between contributing to the light with positivity, hope, possibilities, and collaboration, as opposed to dwelling in the darkness of negativity, victimhood, violence, and fear.

The alliances formed during this period will garner support from external resources. This is evident in international politics, where countries are forming partnerships to address issues like reform, corruption, or conflicts such as the one between Russia and Ukraine, or Israel and Palestine. Within the United States, this plays out in government assistance, including healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, student loan forgiveness, and women’s reproductive rights. Morality, faith, spirituality, religion, and education are creating ideological divides in the United States, exemplified by debates over book bans and white washing school curricula.

There is a subtle yet noteworthy shift in job stability, employment, workers’ rights, and work ethic. Trust becomes a central issue when contending with slander, gossip, and bullying in workplaces and schools. Safety concerns arise, leading to an increase in union activity in low-paying jobs, like the strikes among Hollywood writers and autoworkers in Detroit.

This is a period of development, characterized by protests, strikes, social media engagement, and the quest for new ways to express opinions. People are looking for leaders to guide them forward. Walkouts and strikes have increased in the latter part of 2023 and are likely to continue until systemic changes occur in government, business practices, healthcare, and education of this country. The United States lags behind many other countries in fundamental aspects of education, work benefits, compensation, and healthcare.

The media is seen as an adversary, shaping a narrative that generates fear, anger, anxiety, and distrust among people. It contributes to polarization rather than unity, a situation that needs to change. Be mindful of your news source and its legitimacy.

From an elemental perspective, the country is strongly represented by the Yin Earth element, and the element of Wood is needed for power, success, and endurance. However, the years from 2017 to 2026, with the dominance of the Zodiac Animal of the Sheep and its clash with the Ox, indicate a challenging period. The nation’s welfare, democracy, and well-being are highly unstable. If an individual’s astrology is also going through a vulnerable phase, this national forecast will likely pose additional challenges. Conversely, if one’s personal astrology is positive, the impact of these national dynamics is lessened.

FORECAST FOR THE USA: Dragon is a Void year suggesting a lack of traction, a slowdown, perhaps a declared recession. Many aspects of the forecast could be delayed or fraught with obstacles.
The Rooster (in the Hour), unlike 2023, is not afflicted but rather exalted in 2024. There is a flair, a flaunting, a style, and a voice being heard within our careers and the job market. This is a power couple and if the job market hasn’t improved there will be a lot more strikes, walk outs, and demands for better working wages and benefits. It could get loud.
Our children and young people may find this Presidential election one they want to rally around and be outspoken about. It could get louder!
The Yang Wood is all about meeting our responsibilities to work, family, and marriage. Wood is a needed element to bolster our job market and creates a kind of checks and balances.
The Dragon as Yang Earth is asking us to re-identify who we are as Americans. It is time to put on a new image, a new persona, and we may see this as an identity crisis or an identity renaissance.
Within the Dragon is a little Yin Wood which is our Disruptor, that little influence you didn’t see coming but is needed to wake us up, shake us up, and redirect us onto a different course. Who is that Disruptor? The Patriarchy, fathers, are also tucked into this Dragon bringing systemic change and interference. There are some resources coming from various investments and sources but it is a trickle that is not coming down to most of us Americans.
The month of October 2024 is the most violent and damaging as the Dog is the enemy of the annual Dragon. So, this shows someone bringing in a disruption that shakes things up. Look for this person, be open to a fresh perspective on politics that are in keeping with our war-weary, environmentally challenged world. What we need is a visionary with a radical approach to dismantling the old systems and recreating innovative, inclusive ways of governing.
There will be more on the USA Presidential election in the summer of 2024.