ASTROLOGY of JOE BIDEN 2024: Is it coincidence or fate that aligns us with a President that is also born on the Day of the Ox and happens to be in a Sheep Luck Cycle like the chart of the USA. This conflicted Luck Cycle started in 2017 for the USA and 2018 for Biden. This time in Biden’s life is all about creating, innovating, and being actively engaged. All that Earth energy is draining him as a Yin Fire person, and the conflict of Ox and Sheep weakens him even more. At his age, this is literally the fading of his light. In Chinese Astrology when a person’s pattern is broken, life cannot be sustained. His chart is a Water pattern, born in the month of the Pig/November. Earth rules Water as it swallows it up. In this conflict, not only is Fire weakened but Water is too. He is standing on shaky ground. 2024 Dragon Overview for Biden: Dragon sits in his career, the source of his power and leadership. This is greatly threatened now. The Dragon will bring notable change to Joe and a shift in his career which is no longer sustainable. In fact, his entire Hour Pillar, Branch and Stem is Yang Wood Dragon and this will rattle and shake up his career and his relationship with his children in a notable way. Legal matters, government, outside resources like banking are all going to be playing unfavorably for him in 2024.

Vice President, Kamala Harris has a very unfortunate chart as she is born in the year of the Yang Wood Dragon and has a Dog in her Hour (placement of career in a chart) and Month. Her chart already carries this conflict and she will find her 2024 to be enflamed with conflict, adversity, and considerable career change.

Presidential Candidates:

Nikki Haley born January 20, 1972 (1971 born before lunar new year). She is afflicted next year with the Day of the Dog showing the Dragon directly challenging her welfare. Not a good omen for her chances at all. If only we had her Birth Time!

Donald Trump born June 14, 1946 9:54 He is also suffering with the same Clash to his Day Master as POTUS Biden, Ox Luck Cycle is challenging his Sheep Day. This November 2023 he shifts away from this obstacle which has involved so much conflict within his family, lawsuits, and shown a polarized love/hate relationship with the public. Now he is moving into a Yang Water Tiger. This is his current situation; his chart is a Xiao Bird Fire Dominant Chart which is a rare situation. Less than 10% of all charts qualify and he has no Water and a full Fire Trio with his Snake, Dog, and Sheep. This is someone who has more than 50% of his own element of Earth supported by about 40% Fire. The enemy of this chart is Water and that is what is flowing in. The Water is unwelcome even as this Tiger joins up with his Dog and Horse to form a Seasonal Fire Trio. Wealth, property, family, work, and a demanding life await him in the coming 10 years. This is a good thing for him but tucked inside the Tiger is more lawsuits, loss of wealth, and legal woes. AND the Tiger even further intensifies legal problems with his Hour of the Snake directly impacting his career. This will be the narrative for the next decade. Trump is truly someone who is chronically embattled. I question whether he will even be allowed to be on the ballot in 2024.

Marianne Williamson born July 8, 1952 2:53

Marianne’s Bazi chart is also embattled in 2024 as she is born in the year of the Yang Water Dragon. Her Hour of the Ox shows someone exceptionally hard working, dedicated, and honest. Her chart is nearly all Yin, soft, passive, feminine, nurturing. The Day of the Rabbit, like Ron DeSantis, shows someone that is often motivated by the urge to restore order, negotiate towards an agreeable conclusion, make amends, but they can be arrogant and condescending. Marianne’s chart is mostly balanced except for weak Ruler element of Metal which helps support her career. 2024 predicts a year of learning to play new roles, of finding support, funding, prospering, and travel. It could be a pretty profound year for her. Hold out on making any final judgements just yet.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. like Nikki and Ron, we need birth times to see their career. This is a chart that is very Yin and so we find a man who is tapped into that traditionally feminine side of nurturing, compassionate, soft, yielding, and more passive. Born in the Year of the Yin Water Snake and a Yin Water Rooster Day, we find someone who observes, intuits, knows as in sensing with an inner knowing, and speaks his truth. This is someone who demands a stage, an audience, and attracts attention. Keep your eyes on this guy as he might be the disruptor the United States need to unify the toxic political polarization that has gripped this nation for too long.

There is SO much more to be said about next year’s election BUT…

As we get closer to summer 2024 we will look at the top Presidential Candidates for the United States. I will post predictions then for who I think has the best chance at winning. There is a lot still to be determined and we need birth times on many of them.