The United States for 2020

As of February 17, 2017 the United States entered into a new Luck Cycle ruled by the Earth Sheep. So from 2017 – 2027 The United States will be re-branding itself, finding a new identity, reshaping who we are and how we govern. It is a very ego-centric time when we are more nationalist than global minded and yet, we are needing to communicate, connect, form alliances, partner, and collaborate within our own lives, our own communities, our states, nation and world. Layer by layer the onion is peeled. There is a strong confidence, decisiveness, independence, and capacity to attract. Yes, the law of attraction, what we radiate out will mirror back. Positivity begets light. Negativity begets darkness. Indifference begets ignorance.

The alliances formed now will bring in reinforcements of support from outside resources. Politically this would be other countries forging alliances to work together on reform or corruption or something like the war on terrorism in the Middle East. Within the United States it plays out in government assistance; healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc. It is also student loans. Morality, faith, spirituality, religion, and education.

There is a minor yet notable shift in job stability, employment, worker’s rights, and our work ethic. Who do we trust? How does slander, gossip, and bullying affect us in our work place and in our schools? Are we safe?

We are in a stage of Development; searching, protesting, engaging on social media, and finding new ways to communicate and express our views. We are looking for people who will lead us forward.

Elementally we are already a very strong country represented by the element of Yin Earth and the element most needed for us to find power, success, and longevity is in Wood. So, having this decade from 2017 – 2027 pumping more Earth in the Zodiac Animal of the Sheep that battles hard against our selves represented by the Ox means we are literally under attack for the next 10 years. Our welfare, wellbeing, our most intimate relationships are very unstable. Therefore, if your own astrology is going through a vulnerable time, this astrology forecast for our nation will not help you, in fact, it will make your situation that much more of a challenge. If you are in a positive place in your astrology, then you are less likely to be affected by this.

Layers upon layers of this onion, your own and the collective.

So, yes, this Clash of Sheep and Ox weakens Fire, our allies, our support systems like government programs, healthcare, loans, etc.

So each individual year’s forecast can exacerbate this or assuage it depending.

Yang Metal Rat 2020 for the United States:

First let’s look at the elements at play; Yang Metal and Yin Water which are beneficial in encouraging action, motivation, creativity, productivity, and manifesting in the form of financial gain. Interactions within our astrology reveal a semi seasonal winter trio of Water with Rat and Ox, and a semi Water trio of Rat and Monkey so all of this Water is bringing in extra resources of financial gain. This money is like a windfall from the lottery, it’s a raise, a bonus, working multiple jobs to survive, investments paying off like from stocks. The Rat Clashes with our month of the Horse where we find our very Constitution is vulnerable, this is the place of our Founding Fathers and Mothers too. The Rat is also Harming our current Luck Cycle Sheep but thankfully this is lessened because of all the Water surging in.

Now, when we look at this we must then add the layer of the Clash with the Sheep and the Ox, that any of this forecast can turn badly, like the windfalls turn into a stock market crash. Like Americans reach job burn out from being paid so poorly.

Sex scandals, infidelity, and patriarchal figures in our community are also hi-lighted.

Concern for health and wellbeing reminds us to balance our days with self-care, to manage stress with healthy outlets like getting out in nature for a walk or run.

This year 2020 could bring a full on revolution, a rebellion against the system/ status quo/ authority, and veering in a very different direction. The question we need to ask then is, “Where is our moral compass as a nation, and what is our national mind-set?” Are we smart enough to know our Truth, to discern what we intuitively know to be right despite the media narrative being fed to us? Because the answer could mean another 4 years of President Trump or the revolution/revelation/ reboot of someone new. Is this a moral war we are in, no doubt it is and so this will escalate or ease come next November depending.

You must hold yourself accountable. Truth of Self. Ask then, “What is the role I am playing in all of this?” As Mahatma Gandhi said, “What will you choose, to be the lightning or the light?”

Election Day November 3, 2020

According to the Chinese calendar this is still the month of October

It is a day full of Yang energy so it is going to motivate a lot of action, big record breaking turn out. A magnified influence of rebellion/ revolution/ retaliation/ reboot/ redirection happening.

This is an election motivated by JUSTICE with 2 Dogs in the astrology of this day. It is seeing a new alliance forming, it is seeing a new face of America forming. This will be a stressful day, and that could take a toll depending on how people react to that stress. Praying there isn’t violence. I am also hearing a no to the father and a yes to the mother, end of rule by the masculine and beginning of rule by the divine feminine – could this be so?