As of February 17, 2017 the United States enters into a new Luck Cycle ruled by the Earth Sheep. We are coming out of a decade of the Earth Horse. So what does this mean? Well, the Horse brought out some of the dark side of our moon, the other side of the mirror and seeing ourselves from a different perspective. Inevitably when the identity of a country shifts so do their alliances. This time from 2007 until now has been punctuated by a focus on religion, spirituality, and education. Also finding support from overseas and as our allies were shifting we found some loyal alliances stayed true. We struggled to find ourselves but ultimately we are independent, decisive, capable, and confident.

As the Year of the Monkey winds down we find that the year was really about rebellion, radical behavior, and Americans looking for a new road to travel on as we move forward. Change has been a driving force. The rise of the feminine, the focus on legal issues, the cry for greater compassion are strong threads woven through the fabric of our national psyche. The second half of this year we should see the economy stronger, housing market is stable, and consumer confidence is high.

The element that the USA needs the most is Water which is where we find a strong economy but also where we fuel the Wood which is our jobs, our power, and our ability to find success. It’s been decades (1977 – 1987) since we had that strong of an influence of Water or Wood. So now we are headed into a double Earth influence which is really a drain on that flow of Water. Not to mention the Sheep butts heads with the Ox sitting in our Day Pillar. This is a direct hit to our identity.

Starting in 2017 – 2027 The United States will be re-branding itself, finding a new identity, reshaping who we are and how we govern. The focus is all on us as we find our confidence, as we reach out and form alliances abroad, and how we find community on a local level. Sisterhoods will be strengthened so if you are a woman, find your circle and empower each other to rise up in these coming years as strong female voices. Again, morality, faith, spirituality, religion, and education will be playing an integral role. There is a minor yet notable shift in job stability and a direct risk to our overall well being both from a safety stand point and an ability to thrive as a nation and as a people. We are in a stage of Development; searching, protesting, engaging on social media, and finding new ways to communicate and express our views.

2017 we find that the Rooster combines with the Monkey in our Year Pillar to form a semi Metal trio and combines with our Ox to also boost Metal in our collective chart. The Metal will nourish Water and benefit us financially. The economy should be in a good place next year. Productivity, creativity, and motivation to be active all rise up. The Fire Rooster of 2017 shows a nation focused on a moral dilemma, strengthening faith and spirit, and looking at education. Relationships with our allies and other support systems is also going to play a large role. Let’s hope we get a good Secretary of State with this new administration. 2017 we are truly a New Nation and this is a fragile, precarious place to be in.

In 2018 the Earth Dog will crash up against the Ox in our Day Pillar and our Luck Cycle Sheep to form a 3 Major Punishments, this is like 3 mountains colliding and you can be sure that the increased possibilities of earth quakes will rise along with other destructive activities. Our allies should rally to assist us as Fire will also be rising. I have deep concerns about our welfare due to all the conflict: The Punishment of Dog, Sheep and Ox plus a Harm of Dog against our Rooster in the Hour Pillar (impacting our children and our jobs), the Rooster and Dog make a semi Metal trio and the Dog and Horse form a semi Fire trio. There is a lot going on and it looks very unstable. Pay close attention to what is going on in 2017 and make necessary preparations as 2018 approaches. I think we can think of an analogy to an airplane – 2017 we are off to a wobbly start but generally okay, 2018 we are deploying air masks and wondering if we’re going to crash as we careen up and down, but by 2019 things should settle down again as we find our footing and our political parties will have had 2 years to get themselves realigned for the next election.

Stay tuned for the Feng Shui for the New Year Blog coming up in December.