Feng Shui for 2015
Flying Stars Feng Shui is an ancient application that takes the reading of energy in the home or office to the next level. It is a science that takes years to master. Yet, this information, as it is laid out, is easy enough for anyone to apply but it is highly recommended that you have a consultation to ensure proper placement, design, and flow of chi to ensure optimal results.
Most cures can be found on yogawithnitya.com and questions are welcomed ~
South (142.5 – 217.5) is the location and direction of the Three Killings in 2016
You may sit facing the South direction only if this is one of your personal good directions, if not, please do not sit with your back to the South in 2016 or you may find yourself coming in to contact with unscrupulous people working against you or you may encounter undue gossip and back stabbing during the year.
CURE: A Metal Hotei Buddha.
Southwest (232.5 – 247.5) is where Tai Sui (Grand Duke of Jupiter) resides in 2016
Like the Three Killings, Tai Sui does not like to be disturbed. The effects of Tai Sui can be good or bad depending on the annual flying stars that coincide with its location.
CURE: Place a Guan Zhong Tai Sui plaque to pay respect and appease the Deity. By paying respect to Grand Duke Jupiter, we can weaken or avoid problems.
Sui Po is located in the North East in 2016 (The year breaker)
Sui Po year breaker is directly opposite Tai Sui Grand Duke, which for 2016 is North East. You should treat this area the same as the other annual afflictions with no ground-breaking work, renovations or any noisy activities. If disturbed this area can and normally will cause immediate health problems especially for the youngest male, so please be very careful.
CURE: Display a Yi Fan Feng Shun or a Chinese golden ship
If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the North East hang a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the house and where the work is being carried out.
Kan Water #1 in the Woody South East – Represents the ear, kidneys, and reproductive system. This is Water moving into Wood which is a harmonious, nurturing relationship. The Water feeding the Wood will bring new opportunities, financial gains, and academic achievements. If you have a main door, bedroom, office or any other important room in the South East of your home or office you will benefit greatly. To enhance academic study, you should encourage your child to study in the South East part of their bedroom; you can also place a gold Tsai Shen Yeh statue as he protects wealth and also creates wealth in 2016. Tsai Shen Yeh must be placed in the South East of whatever room is used as he is a protector and enhancer of wealth in 2016.
CURES to Enhance:
• AVOID clashing color like Fire Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose, Earth tones like tan, brown, and yellow, black, white and gray
• Support the Water with shades of BLUE as in throw pillows, rugs, bed linens, artwork that shows boats on the water (but not in a bedroom), silky flowing fabrics too
• Place a Brass Pagoda for good studies on a desk in this area
• For money luck place a single Gold ingot on a piece of Blue fabric
• If this is a front door, use it regularly and place a Blue door mat with healthy potted plants (if blooming, choose Blue flowers) or shrubs near the entrance
• To motivate romance place a pair of birds, 2 Pink candles, and/or an image of a couple (you and your partner or if looking for a lover, a picture of a couple you admire) embracing, dancing or in some way happily together

Kun Earth #2 is in the Earthy Center is connected to Illness, Stomach and digestive issues, bloating, arguments, gossip, and distress. The Earthy nature of the 2 Star is at home in the Earthy Center. The best rooms to have in the Center in 2016 are rooms such as a bathroom, utility room, pantry, guest bedroom, cloakroom, dressing room, storage room or other room that is not used for long periods in the day. If the Center of your home or office falls in a room such as a bedroom, office, kitchen or other well-used room, this will inevitably activate its malicious effects. This is especially so for people who are a Gua #1, 3 or 4.
CURES to Dispel:
• Place a Brass Wu Lou by the bedside for good health and a Salt Water Cure to absorb any residual toxicity
• If a front door (in a home that is U shaped) place 2 Fu Dogs on either side of the front stoop along with a Ba-Gua mirror on the front door to deflect the negative chi – Use an alternate entrance if at all possible
• Close curtains and doors to this room
• Do Not burn lights for long periods of time or use Fire in any way (if this is a Kitchen put cookie sheets over the burners when not in use)
• Place a round Metal bowl (a singing bowl, dog bowl, etc.) in the center
• Do Not Bang, Dig, Renovate or in any way rattle the chi in the Center part of your home or office – this includes placement of the TV, stereo, stove, furnace, or machinery that makes noise
• Focus on colors of White, Silver, Gold, and Copper – Metal
• AVOID Earth tones and Fire especially Purple, Red, Yellow, Brown, Tan, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose

Chen Wood #3 is in the Metal North West is connected to Theft, Arguments, Lawsuits, Disharmony and Anger. The 3 Star is a Wood element and the Metal of the North West helps to control it.
CURES to Dispel:
• A Red Hotei is an ideal cure
• If this is a front door, use another entrance, otherwise hang a Ba-Gua mirror with a Chinese coin on the back for protection from arguments and lawsuits
• Be very careful when signing any legal documents in 2016
• Keep curtains drawn and doors shut to this room to quell the negativity from spreading throughout the house
• Beware of backstabbing from trusted friends and associates
• Place a Brass Coiled dragon on your desk or bedside to quell disputes
• NO windchimes or ceiling fans or water features
• Keep the NW quiet without renovations, banging or other disturbances
• Focus on accents of Fire with Red like a lamp with a Red shade, a Red floor rug, even a red envelope on a table, Metal colors like gray, white, silver, and gold are okay as they will harmonize with monthly visiting stars and possibly bring good fortune
• AVOID Blue, Water, Earth tones like Yellow, Brown, and Tan, and Wood

Sun Wood #4 is in the Metal West and motivates Intelligence, Academic Achievement, Relationship, Happiness, Travel, Self-Development, and Creativity. The 4 Star will have a hard time playing in the Metal direction of the West and a mitigator of Water is needed to ease the conflict of elements here. The West is a very good area for writers, artists, students and anyone that is related to the travel industry
CURES to Enhance:
• Keep curtains open, open windows on nice days and keep doors open as well to keep chi active
• Place on the desk a jar with brushes, pens and markers and Blue covered books to support creativity and scholarly success
• 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a Blue or Black glass vase with a Pair of Birds to enhance romantic relationships
• Great area to place pictures of you and your lover or if single, pictures of couple you admire
• Be aware that romance here can turn on you if visiting monthly stars motivate infidelity, arguments, or other upsets
• Focus on mitigating with colors of Blue and Black – throw rug, artwork, pillows, etc.
• AVOID Metal, white, gray, Fire, Red, hot pink, purple, orange, Wood and shades of Green

Yellow Earth #5 in the Earthy North East pure evil and connected to Sickness, Accidents, Disaster, Turmoil, Bad Luck and Overall Misfortune. This Earthy Star finds home in the Earthy North East. This is also the place of the Sui Po Year Breaker so under NO circumstances do you want to disturb this area, inside or outside.
CURES to Dispel:
• Metal as in Chiming clocks, Musical Instruments, an empty round bowl, Metal statues and chimes all work to weaken the Earthy nature of the 5 Star
• AVOID RED, Fire, YELLOW and all Earth tones as well as pottery, stones, porcelain and crystals – if this is a Kitchen cover the stove burners with cookie sheets or Metal plates when not in use
• Focus on Metal to drain as in colors of white, gray, gold and silver, black and white photography, Metal statuary
• Hang a Metal Windchime
• Do not sleep or spend significant time in this area of your home
o If you must sleep here use a Metal Wu Lou to protect health and the *Salt Water Cure, hang dark blue drapes to block out the chi
• Keep the door closed off to the rest of the house if possible, draw the drapes and keep the chi dormant
• No renovations, digging or loud noises inside and outside too – don’t forget to extend your Ba-Gua into the yard – also no music or TV, or ceiling fans in this area!
• No bright lights, lights left on for hours at a time, candles, fire place, stove, barbeque, fire pit
• If this is a stairwell hang jingle bells along the railing
• If this is the front entrance hang a Ba-Gua mirror with a Chinese coin on the back and place Gold Fu Dogs on the front steps
• Point a pair of Pi Yao dragons facing into the direction of the 232.5 – 247.5

Chien White Metal #6 is in the Fiery South – connected to Windfalls, Money, Good Fortune, and Helpful Allies. The South being Fire mirrors the influence of the Yang Fire sitting on top of the Yang Metal nature of the Monkey in 2016. The 6 will be beneficial for your career, wealth, helpful for politicians, leaders and anyone involved in the property market. If you have a front door, office/study in the South, you will benefit greatly. BUT if you have a bedroom in the South use something Blue to protect the legs and liver. Please note that the Three Killings is also present in the South and you do not want to put your back to the South.
CURES to Enhance:
• If this is a bedroom use accents of Blue and/ or Black for good health
• Keep this area active but QUIET, open curtains, windows and doors
• If this is the Kitchen cover the stove burners when not in use with a Metal cookie sheet or Metal burner covers
• Hang a strand of 6 coins with a Gold Buddha or Hotei for money luck
• Pottery, Crystals, and Stones are all welcome here
• Support Metal with Earth tones like Tan, Brown, Terracotta, Peach, Chamois, Yellow
• AVOID Fire, colors of Red, Hot Pink, Violet, Brick, Burgundy and Orange as well as heavy Wood furniture and green tones

Tui Red Metal #7 is in the Watery North – is connected to Robbery, Crime, Violence, Cheating and Arguments. Security and Safety cannot be stressed enough. Be wary also if this is an office location as bad deals, theft, and deception are far more likely. If this is a Kitchen be careful of cutting yourself. The Water North and the Metal 7 are in harmony this year as Water nurtures Metal.
CURES to Dispel:
• Double check security of windows, doors, smoke detector, and electronics
• A large quartz crystal is a great cure
• If you have a desk in the North place a Brass Dragon to the right with a world globe
• If an entrance or a Kitchen place a Blue door mat
• If a kitchen, cover burners with Metal cookie sheets when not in use and also be very careful when using sharp objects like knives or opening tin cans
• Use this room minimally and quietly, keep doors closed, windows closed and drapes drawn
• Avoid sleeping in this sector or using this as an entrance
• AVOID Fire, Red, Earth tones like Yellow and Brown as well as Wood and shades of green
• Focus on Blue and Black with use of pillows, towels, rugs, and artwork (not actual Water)

Ken Earth #8 is in the Earthy South West is connected to Money, Wealth, Fame, Happy Celebrations and Good Fortune. But the Grand Duke cautions us to use this area quietly while still activating the chi to get the best out of its good fortune. These energies both being Earth in nature is very auspicious.
CURES to Enhance:
• Open the windows, drapes and doors to keep the chi active
• Place a statue of Kuan Kong here to appease the Grand Duke
• Do Not sit facing the Grand Duke or SW and avoid traveling in that direction
• Place in a glass bowl 8 amethyst crystal balls if the SW is your bedroom or if a front entrance hang 2 crystal hearts to support relationship
• Use a Red light (lamp shade, light bulb or lava lamp, salt lamp) and keep on
• In the yard place 8 terracotta pots with red flowers
• Inside place 8 red silk flowers in a pottery vase
• Hang a string of 8 Chinese coins
• Focus on colors of Fire Red with accents of Yellow, Brown, Tan and other Earth tones
• AVOID Metal, white, gray, shades of Blue, Water, Green and heavy Wood Furniture

Li Purple Fire #9 is in the Woody East – is connected to Happiness, Marriage, Success, Good Fortune and Promotion all happening in the future, so a good area to plant seeds of new ideas, put up a Vision Board, make babies, launch projects, open new businesses, etc. Career opportunities and promotions are probable especially if you have an office or main door in the East in 2016. There is fame and acknowledgement, growth and improvement. Very auspicious to have a front door or office in the East. For students, this is a propitious area for studies.
CURES to Enhance:
• For couples with a bedroom in the East place a Kwan Yin statue for improved relations. For increased fertility place a bowl of unshelled peanuts.
• Be careful in months when visiting stars #2 and #5 show up as they will wreak havoc with this Fiery 9 – place a string of 6 Chinese coins along the wall in a row in June and September 2016. Also if you have a room that is in the East and North East where the 5 Star is dancing with the 9 Star there is greater chance for fire, explosions, and catastrophe – use extreme caution and follow the needs for the 5 Star and forget trying to activate the 9 Star. If this falls into the area of a deck with a fire pit or grill, a fireplace, or stove avoid using at all cost.
• Healthy live plants and/ or a Red or Green glass vase with 9 Purple silk flowers
• Focus on colors of Purple, Fire Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose, Yellow, Brown, Tan and other Earth tones
• AVOID Metal, White, Gray, as well as lots of Water influences in the form of actual Water and too much Blue

BONUS: One of the most auspicious lineups for 2016 is to have a Light or a Red runner rug directed from the East into the South West as an open channel for good fortune.
The kicker is that the Flying Stars are doubled in February – the New Year will reveal all of its lesson right off the bat – the cards will be on the table, pay attention to the hand you’ve been dealt. The stars will double again in November – the election is sure to be full of Monkey business!

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