Astrological Conflict with the Sheep

  • The worst conflict is Dog and also Ox as Yang Earth clashes with Yin Earth. The conflict may be sudden changes, accidents, movement, and upset.
  • Ox born people, though, will find this to be a favorable year for travel, moving, taking trips, or changing jobs. But avoid risky activities like sky diving, racing cars, or driving in the direction of the SW
  • If you have Dog, Sheep, Dragon and Ox appearing in your chart there will be serious issues and obstacles and people turning against you. This is called the 4 Graves or Earth Penalty – all Earth element and much like an earthquake, they combine to bring major upset and destruction in your life.
  • People born in the Year of the Sheep or Goat are said to offend the annual Sheep and if you have another Earth animal in your chart, the affliction will be far worse. This penalty could bring about irritation, disharmony, sickness, stress, and frustrations.
  • If your Day Animal is afflicted this usually affects relationships more especially family and lover.
  • Sheep, Dog, and Ox people, born on the day of or in the year of, should carry a Horse talisman for protection.

Astrological Harmony with the Horse

  • People born on the Day or Year of the Rabbit, Pig and Horse will do very well in 2014 and have much harmony.
  • The Rat is the Flower of Romance in 2015 when you can expect life to be more sociable and favor romantic relationships more.
  • Traveling Horse rides in for those born on the Day or Year of the Snake bringing more travel and movement.
  • The Sheep brings the Nobleman Star to those born in a year ending with 0, 4, or 8. The Nobleman is a guardian angel that comes to your aid in times of trouble and offers protection
  • The Horse is the Academic Star blessing those born in a Yin Wood Year. A favorable birth would be Horse month of June, Horse Hour of 11 am – 1 pm, or a Horse day.


Who is turning 60 this year: Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson), Kevin Costner, Eddie Van Halen, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, writer John Grisham, golfer Greg Norman, Maria Shriver, Bill Gates, and cellist Yo Yo Ma.

The Chinese Astrology of the United States for 2015

Our country’s currently is in a time of not connecting well with our allies, conflicted with other countries, loss of income, and an unstable economy. Education and Faith are also primary focuses and the rise of inspirational figures. This will change in 2017 when our country will move through a Cycle shift and in fact, we may begin in these next few years to feel the energy change as we move from one 10 year period into another.

2014 brought the focus to family, meeting our responsibilities, education, teachers, government, law, authority figures and young girls.

2015 brings a harsh, combative, uncompromising stance where bullies take charge, and confrontation and combat incite battle. I am guessing there will be more military action on the part of the US military this year in the Middle East. There is a threat to our safety and wellbeing as a result of our actions. Yet, despite all the turmoil, there is a stronger sense of who we are as Americans and this can create an incredible opportunity for collaborating with others, of forging bonds with like minded people, of teaching and inspiring our youth and our citizens to hold true to themselves; independent, self confident, decisive, and connected to our allies. The enemy is at the gate – it may surprise us who that enemy is.


President Barack Obama’s Astrological forecast for 2015:

2010 brought Obama into a time of thinking intuitively, wisely and with discernment. Radical changes, rebellious actions, and pushing for reform are all the back bone of this period of his life. His daughters are a big part of this time too. He is exceptionally busy with tremendous responsibilities and a hectic schedule. Legal matters could arise and certainly the issues arising now are demanding he respond with compassion, patience, and integrity.

2015 ushers in major conflict for the President as uncompromising people will push him hard, harsh critics, demanding work load, and a danger to his wellbeing and position all pose a threat. President Obama is confident within himself and he knows how to rally his allies to work in his favor, collaborate with others to affect change and stay true to his own dogma. He is motivated by his faith and his moral conviction. But there is serious danger knocking at his door this year.

Feng Shui for 2015

Flying Stars Feng Shui is an ancient application that takes the reading of energy in the home or office to the next level. It is a science that takes years to master. Yet, this information, as it is laid out, is easy enough for anyone to apply but it is highly recommended that you have a consultation to ensure proper placement, design, and flow of chi to ensure optimal results.

Most cures can be found on and questions are welcomed ~

VICTORY 1 White Star in the East is a harmonious connection as the 1 Star is a Water element and the East’s Woody nature is nourished here which keeps the mother element of Water busy and active. The 1 Star brings success in academics, fertility, romance, wealth, and overall good fortune. Those most affected are those born on the Day or in the Year of the Rabbit, the first born son, and those with a bedroom or front entrance in the Eastern sector.

CURES to Enhance:

  • AVOID clashing color like Fire Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose, Earth tones like tan, brown, and yellow, Metal and its associated colors of black, white and gray
  • Support the Water with shades of BLUE and Green as in pillows, rugs, throw blankets, artwork that is lush with landscapes, trees, and flowers, silky flowing fabrics too
  • For $$Money luck$$ and good fortune place a single gold ingot on a piece of blue fabric with a green houseplant
  • If this is a front door, use it regularly and use a green or blue door mat with healthy potted plants (if blooming, choose blue flowers) or shrubs near the entrance
  • To motivate romance place a pair of birds, 2 candles, and/or an image of a couple embracing, dancing or in some way happily together
  • Place a brass pagoda on the desk if you have a child’s bedroom in the East to encourage good grades


Sickness Yellow 2 Star in the SOUTH EAST is connected to Illness, Stomach and digestive issues, bloating, arguments, gossip, and distress.

The Earthy nature of the 2 Star is greatly weakened by the Woody nature of the South East which is good. Those most affected are people born on the Day or in the Year Dragon or Snake, those with a South East facing home or bedroom, and first daughters. It is best practice to surrender this area of your house by vacating it and not using it at all. If that is not possible then follow the cures below. It is lucky if the SE falls in a laundry room, storage area, bathroom, or guest room.

CURES to Dispel:

  • Focus on colors of Green exclusively and Wood furnishings
  • AVOID Blue, Water, Metal, White, Gray, Earth tones and Fire especially Purple, Red, Yellow, Brown, Tan, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose
  • If a Bedroom place a Brass Wu Lou by the bedside for good health and a Salt Water Cure to absorb any residual toxicity
  • If a front door, place 2 Fu Dogs on either side of the front stoop along with a Ba-Gua mirror on the front door to deflect the negative chi – Use an alternate entrance if at all possible
  • Close curtains and doors to this room
  • Do Not burn lights for long periods of time or use Fire in any way
  • Place a round Metal bowl in the center of the room
  • Do Not Bang, Dig, Renovate or in any way rattle the chi in the South Eastern part of your home or property – this includes placement of the TV, stereo, or other electronics/ machinery that make noise


Hostile 3 Star in the CENTER is connected to Theft, Arguments, Lawsuits and Anger

Being the Center of the home or office suggests every family is vulnerable to litigation, misunderstandings on a large scale, and overall disharmony. The 3 Star is a Wood element and the Center is Earth, in the cycle of relating, Wood conquers Earth.

CURES to Dispel:

The 3 Star is weakened by the Earth but Wood controls this element.

  • Focus on strong accents of Fire with Red like a lamp with a Red shade, a Red floor rug, even a red envelope on a table – but it must be exactly in the Center of your home or office
  • AVOID Blue, Water, Metal, White, Gray – Earth tones and some accents of Green tones with Wood are okay
  • A Red Hotei is an ideal cure
  • A Kitchen in the South East creates a natural cure with the stove
  • Keep curtains drawn and doors shut to this room to quell the negativity from spreading throughout the house
  • Beware of backstabbing from trusted friends and associates
  • Keep the Center quiet without renovations, banging or other disturbances

The Romance and Scholarly Green 4 Star Sits in the North West and is connected to Intelligence, Academic Achievement, Relationship, Happiness, and Creativity. The 4 Star will have a hard time playing in the Metal direction of the North West and a mitigator of Water is needed to ease the conflict of elements here. People affected are Pig, Dog and the man of the house.

CURES to Enhance:

  • Focus on mitigating with colors of Blue and Black – throw rug, artwork, pillows, etc.
  • AVOID Metal, white, gray, Fire, Red, hot pink, purple, orange, Wood and shades of Green
  • Keep curtains open, open windows on nice days and keep doors open as well to keep chi active
  • Place on the desk a jar with brushes, pens and markers and Blue covered books to support creativity and scholarly success
  • 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a Blue glass vase with a Pair of Birds to enhance romantic relationships
  • Be aware of the negative potential for infidelity, heart break and other relationship woes in the months of January, March, June, October and December
  • Great area to place pictures of you and your lover or if single, pictures of couple you admire


Yellow 5 in the WEST is connected to Sickness, Turmoil, Bad Luck and Overall Misfortune

The West as a Metal direction weakens the Earthy nature of the malevolent 5 Star but we need to add further cures to silence its wrathful potential. This energy most affects people born on the day of or in the year of the Rooster, have bedrooms or home facing this direction, and the youngest daughter. This is the WORST area for 2015 and should be avoided at all cost. Anyone with a garage or front door in this sector should look for alternative entrances. Extreme care and caution should be exercised. The West is a Metal direction that weakens the Earthy 5 but further cures are needed to disable any potential for its activation.

This is also the place of the Three Killings so DO face the West but do NOT put your back to the West.

CURES to Dispel:

  • Metal as in Chiming clocks, Musical Instruments, an empty round bowl, Metal statues and chimes all work to weaken the Earthy nature of the 5 Star
  • AVOID RED, Fire, YELLOW and all Earth tones as well as pottery, stones, porcelain and crystals – if this is a Kitchen cover the stove burners with cookie sheets or Metal plates when not in use
  • Focus on Metal to drain as in colors of white, gray, gold and silver, black and white photography, Metal statuary with an accent of Blue
  • Do not sleep or spend significant time in this area of your home
    • If you must sleep here use a Metal Wu Lou to protect health and the *Salt Water Cure
  • Keep the door closed off to the rest of the house if possible, draw the drapes and keep the chi dormant
  • No renovations, digging or loud noises inside and outside too – don’t forget to extend your Ba-Gua into the yard – also no music or TV in this area!
  • No bright lights, lights left on for hours at a time, candles, fire place, stove, barbeque, fire pit
  • If this is a stairwell hang jingle bells along the railing
  • If this is the front entrance hang a Ba-Gua mirror and place Gold Fu Dogs on the front steps


Heaven White 6 Star in the North East connected to Windfalls, Money, Good Fortune, and Helpful Allies

The 6 Star is nourished by the Earthy North East making this a very favorable area for 2015. Those born on the day of or the year of the Tiger or Ox, the youngest son, and anyone with a bedroom or front door facing North East benefit the most from this positive chi.

This is also the Sui Po or Year Breaker area so refrain from renovations or big noisy disturbances.

CURES to Enhance:

The Metal quality of the 6 Star finds companionship with the Metal direction of the West. This area will easily be enhanced with good fortune given the right treatments.

**Those who most benefit from this chi are youngest daughters and those born in the year or on the day of the Monkey, Dog and Rooster.

  • Support Metal with Earth tones like Tan, Brown, Terracotta, Peach, Chamois, Yellow
  • AVOID Fire, colors of Red, Hot Pink, Violet, Brick, Burgundy and Orange as well as heavy Wood furniture and green tones
  • If this is a bedroom use accents of Blue and/ or Black for good health
  • Keep this area active but QUIET, open curtains and windows and doors
  • If this is the Kitchen cover the stove burners when not in use with a Metal cookie sheet or Metal burner covers
  • Hang a strand of 6 coins with a Gold Buddha or Hotei is very good for money luck
  • For the Sui Po, place a Pi Yao


7 Star in the South is connected to Robbery, Crime, Violence, Cheating and Arguments. This is a conflicted arrangement as the Fire of the South controls Metal 7, but is good to have this threat weakened. Those most affected are those born on the day or in the year of the Horse, the middle daughter, or with bedroom or front entrances facing South.

CURES to Dispel:

  • Double check security of windows, doors and smoke detector
  • A large quartz crystal is another great cure – check your local crystal shops for best selection
  • If you have a desk in the South place a Brass Dragon to the right with a world globe
  • If an entrance or a Kitchen place a Blue door mat
  • Use this room minimally, keep door closed, windows closed and drapes drawn
  • Avoid sleeping in this sector
  • AVOID Fire, Red, Earth tones like Yellow and Brown as well as Wood and shades of green
  • Focus on Blue accent with use of pillows, towels, rugs, and artwork (not actual Water)


8 Star in the North is connected to Money, Wealth, Happy Celebrations and Good Fortune. Again, we have opposites colliding as the Earthy nature of the 8 Star is controlling the Water element so we will want to mitigate with Metal to ensure we get the most out of this most benevolent energy for prosperity. Those most affected are born on the day of or the year of the Rat, the middle son, and anyone with a bedroom or front entrance in the North. BEST area of 2015 to enhance with activity!

CURES to Enhance:

  • Focus on colors of Fire Red with accents of Yellow, Brown, Tan and other Earth tones
  • AVOID Metal, white, gray, shades of Blue, Water, Green and heavy Wood Furniture
  • Open the windows, drapes and doors to keep the chi active
  • Use a Red light (lamp shade, light bulb or lava lamp, salt lamp) and keep on
  • In the yard plant 8 terracotta pots with red flowers
  • Inside place 8 red silk flowers in a pottery vase
  • String of 8 coins


Multiplying Star of Future Prosperity 9 in the South West is connected to Happiness, Marriage, Success, Good Fortune and Promotion all happening in the future, so a good area to plant seeds of new ideas, make babies, launch projects, open new businesses, etc. Very auspicious to have a front door or office in the SW. The Fiery nature of the 9 Star is weakened by the Earth, its child but keeps the chi active. Those who will benefit the most are those born on the day or in the year of the Sheep or Monkey, woman of the house, and anyone with a bedroom or front entrance in the SW.

BUT this is also the location for the Grand Duke which cautions us to NOT disturb this area.

CURES to Enhance:

  • Focus on colors of Purple, Fire Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Violet and Rose, Yellow, Brown, Tan and other Earth tones
  • In the yard place 9 terracotta pots with Red or Purple flowers
  • AVOID Metal, White, Gray, as well as lots of Water influences in the form of actual Water and too much Blue
  • If this is a bedroom and you are trying to conceive, place a bowl of unshelled peanuts by your bedside
  • In a window place 9 purple crystal balls or 9 Purple silk flowers
  • If a Dining Room or Kitchen area place 9 red or purple candles on a table or counter top
  • Keep windows, curtains and doors open to keep this chi moving
  • To assuage the Grand Duke place a Pi Yao in the SW facing into 15 degrees. AVOID this area when the 2 and 5 stars visit in the months of February, August and November

The Flying Stars are DOUBLED in APRIL, take heed!  


BONUS: One of the most auspicious lineups for 2015 is to have an open channel running from the North East through the North to the North West and you can assist this by the way you use these rooms and the hallway or doorways that flow this energy back and forth.


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