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Kharma Khameleon was established in 1999 as a wellness business that has had many transformations over the years but has always been focused on offering quality services with a personal approach.

Feng shui

Whether you are looking to attract positive energy and promote good luck, feng shui consultations offer an opportunity to use traditional Chinese-influenced design principles in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living space. These consultations involve a thorough assessment of your home environment from a feng shui perspective and the application of techniques made to bring balance and harmony into your life.

bazı astrology

Bazi Chinese astrology is an ancient system that uses the lunar timetable to assess one’s destiny, and has been used for centuries for astrological consultations. By understanding how a person’s birth chart fits into the cosmic patterns, they are able to forecast potential paths in life, provide insight into relationships and careers, or even diagnosis certain health conditions. 


You are AMAZING and AWESOME!!!! You have a very special place in my heart and I have such respect and admiration for/towards you.  I also say that Nitya doesn’t walk you float.  You float over the ground.  I think of you as one of my gurus.  You have opened my heart, mind, and soul.

Farah A.

Feng Shui Consultation

I turned to Lydia Griffith nearly two decades ago at a time when nothing seemed to go right. The thought that our family home could be the culprit of our troubles had never occurred to me until she explained the principals of Feng Shui. After completing personal profiles and forecasts for myself and other family members and then analyzing our home, she was able to provide our family with sound advice and a regimen of cures that set us on a course for healing that was felt almost immediately. Lydia continues to provide us with professional guidance and emotional support that’s delivered with compassion. 


Feng Shui Consulation

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made a lot of changes as per your recommendations. A couple of small things remain, and dealing with the rugs in the treatment rooms. Since I started making these changes about two weeks ago, I’ve had eight new patients book. Eight! I’ve averaged about one new patient a week for the last year. So that’s a 400% increase. I obviously believe in the theory and tradition behind what you and I do, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes I’m not completely shocked and amazed by the power of it. Wow.


Feng Shui Consultation

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