Speaking of Karma

Life truly tests us doesn’t it!! I’m not sure if this is bad Karma or perhaps poor driving..

I consider myself a great driver. Not good – great! 😛 I’m just a very defensive driver and I think my defensive skills have come in quite well several times.

Well, defensive driving doesn’t have much to do with speeding I suppose :/  …. I wasn’t going that fast (I swear) and got caught in a speed trap on Durango near my friend’s house. WTF!! So bummed. I really don’t think I deserve this and especially at the ripe cost of $230!!!!!!!!!!

Sooo what is this karma for??? I wish I knew I’ve been pretty good lately. I think I was off in my head rather than having my focus on the road. Maybe it’s a lesson to be in the moment more, and not be in so much of a rush to get somewhere. Who knows.

Anyway I think I’ll try and see if I can get my ticket fixed from these guys we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed and stars align!

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Stop And Smell The Roses! Meditation Leads To Balance

We’re all busy. I’m busy out of my mind with my class schedule, maintaining a relationship, and working on my hobbies. It’s fun stuff, and I’m lucky to enjoy what keeps me busy, but it requires patience to keep it all together and feel balanced by it.

stop and smell the rosesI get so caught up in all my daily tasks that I often forget to stop and smell the roses. It’s very important that we take time to reach outside of ourselves and interact with our world, or reflect on ourselves. I find that often the best lessons I learn and most constructive thoughts can come to me in an instant if I just take a break from being busy, and spend a few moments just existing; taking it all in.

Often, my most essential ‘eureka’ moments happen when I choose to reach out to friends or family; anyone really, about anything. Part of balancing our karma is by service to others, which is my favorite personal method because it directly engages the world around me.

You cannot fully self-actualize by just working hard. You must take time to reflect, and incorporate others in your life. 

Achieving goals is paramount to achieving success and self-actualization. However, I feel it is equally important to take even but a few moments a day to relax, observe my surroundings, and realize that life is not a race (although it can feel that way!).

How does it feel when you take 5 full minutes to meditate? It can seem to last a lifetime. That few minutes of uninterrupted reflection can leverage your balance levels for the rest of the day! It’s so important, yet easy to forget.

Check out this post on how Google employees are using meditation actively in their work routines!

I have a perspective I think about that helps sometimes – it’s that time is not pulling me; time is not dictating what I do. I dictate what I do. And even though time is limited, it’s refreshing to have the thought: “I have all the time in the world. What is important to me now? I have enough time to reflect on myself 100% fully.”

Our lives are filled with an infinite amount of small un-noticed moments that might feed us our biggest lessons; make sure you take time to be aware of them.



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My Top 5 Biggest Life Secrets

  1. You truly will achieve whatever you want to achieve if you want it bad enough
  2. You must love yourself in order to achieve #1 above
  3. Fear means that you’re moving in the right direction
  4. Frustration only means that you’re learning new things
  5. It’s only life. You’re living now. RIGHT NOW. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride :)
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Hello from Kharma Khameleon!

Namaste and welcome to Kharma Khameleon – a blog about building your life and creating our own reality.

Karma is the law of the circle. As the old adage says: “What goes around comes around.” As hacky as that might sound I believe it to be entirely true, not just with people and relationships, but with all aspects of life, including organization, time management, humor & health.

I want to share with the world my own journey of how the universe is providing me what I’ve asked it for, even if just on small levels. But it doesn’t just happen – it must be desired and you must make the right efforts. We never get something for nothing!


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